"Eh... What the hell?" Cody Q&A Thread

Ask a question, get an answer.


to keep the theme of Trial 20 up: How do you land that j.hp after the ex bingo? I’m holding up as soon as I let bingo go but the j.hp whiffs

it’s a weird timing and sometimes it hit, sometimes it won’t. you can try to wait A LITTLE BIT with the the j.hp.

trials are silly easy.

lets talk setups, block strings and safe jumps! :slight_smile:

wait, wait, wait. i just read jump after ex bingo.
you guys must be talking sfxt


Zukuu I’ve been finding cody’s frame trap game is just as effective in this game as it is in AE. What about you? f.mp doesn’t seem as godlike but cr.mp seems a bit stronger of a tool.

I have no real evidence to back this up just going off feels

there is no reason for an opponent to press something other then to tech a telegraphed throw (0/ 7 frames start up). his overhead is one of the slower ones. there is alpha counter too, so I don’t see frame traps that much of a threat unless you have a button pressing friendly opponent. I like his buffed footsies tho. f.hk is great, c.lk~c.mk buffer is decent as well. c.lp xx mk ruffian buffer is way way easier then in sf4, so it wont come out on accident. also, he has one of the strongest AA in the game.

Did you know in AE if you do buffer c.lp xx mk ruffian and hold mk after QCF it won’t come out after a whiff on accident? Negative edge is whats making that happen.

yes I know. just mentioned it as you don’t need to do it in this game. tho, it has a (somewhat) similar problem woth c.lk xx criminal upper as it’ll often chain that link to c.lk~s.hp - can also be counteracted with holding the button down.

How unsafe is Criminal Upper on block?

-5 and -8

Normal and ex I assume? That’s good to know. At least I know I can punish it with Lei’s st.lp or super.

Zukku…I got tired of this game and went back to SF but I am extremely enticed to download the characters to check out cody. Is it worth it? Is it something that you see this game getting better? From what I hear at the fighting scene is that it’s dead…

it’s “Zukuu” :wink: - once the K trice the U.

well to be honest, cody couldn’t get me hype about this game again. it just has the same problems it had since the beginning. either you can live with that or you won’t get warm with this game till they fix those things (which will happen eventually - no ETA yet tho) or not at all. if you like playing occasionally it can be fun, personally I just bought it to play around in training room.

While SFxT annoys me to a degree (at least a few things) I’m just as tired of SF4 tho - just played it too much. gonna get P4A, a 2D fighter for a change. long time since I played one (Guilty Gear), and I’m also a fan of the Persona RPG games, so why not. Smacking people with a chair has always been a secret wish of mine too x)

Could it be that the normal zonk really sucks in this game? ;D
Even high hitting attacks often stuff zonk because it seems that zonk doesn’t have enough invincible frames on upperbody… meeeh.

His cr.LK is really godlike in this game. Played many casuals yesterday against my brother and a buddy…
They said: “Nice blockstrings and stuff… but what’s the point? I just block and wait :D”

My bad ZUkUu…it’s like my " I eat carbs" t-shirt. Everyone of my students ask me if I eat like to eat “crabs”. Creates an illusion I say. Yea, I never got extremely good at SF, and met an amazing looking girl, left video games for a solid 4 months, and now need to pass the time. I figure the people left playing SF are the pros and or people looking for a challenge, but when really good players in SFxT started using auto block, auto assist; and when I heard Seth and Ono left, I just really saw a broken game. Like everything was too good to be true about it, and really the gems killed it. They could have done it like they have in the past and present with Soul Calibur in which they offer a mode with special ranked points (gems/customizations) and normal ranked points. But the online is just blah blah blah for SFxT. Ever since the day it came out and how they didn’t address the online netcode from the day it went online, it was just all a big mess. And of course the hacks. I think people got hyped into SF because I feel it’s a really technical fighter and IMO one of the hardest SF’s to master. Anyways, I guess I’ll wait until Tetsuya Nomura from Square-Enix decides to bring out Final Fantasy XIII - Versus, if that ever comes to be. Untill then I’ll be doing the best I can to defend myself with Cody against Blanka’s, Elf’s, and Viper’s…

Im hitting an unusual problem with a combo right now.
So c.Mp xx Hk Ruffian works fine
F. HK~ c.mp xx Hk ruffian works
but when i try F.HK~c.mp~c.mp xx Hk ruffian (edit: in the corner) odd stuff happens.
Some times HK ruffian comes out and whiffs. (im assuming when i do it to late and miss the cancel)
Other times (when i cancel successfully) the game reads that a Lk was pressed as well. And Lk ruffian or Ex Ruffian comes out and connects.
I don’t understand why the game is getting a LK though. I even unassigned lk to make sure i wasn’t accidentally pressing it.
So could it be some weird unintentional plink thing? but im pretty sure it isn’t (atleast it shouldn’t be, right?). Some game input bug?

I have problems using HK Ruffian in juggles as well… Never get accidental EX Ruffians though, so now I have some investigating to do! Because it is funky, I always default to Zonk or MK Ruffian in juggles. Zonk xx Tag Cancel rocks because of how high the target gets launched.

why bother using it in juggles anyway? it’s only good as juggle starter, not as finisher.

I agree. Always best to do Zonk. HK Ruffian only does 70 damage compared to Zonk’s 100, and Zonk is just as useful for Tag combos.

So, is Cody X Bryan a good team? Been using them and doing all right.

…or mk ruffian for equal damage without the requirement of a charge.
if you plan to switch cancel go for zonk, tho.