Egypt Legalizes Necrophilia

lol, and suddenly I don’t seem quite as retarded


Egypt rules.

yay, its nice to hear that the new egyptian government really know how to prioritise their issues.


Last dance with Mary Jane, one more time to kill the pain…

America will follow suit.

Would they seriously even want to have sex with their dead wife?

You do know how Roll tier women are treated in Islamic society, right?

They’re basically a walking vagina. Having sex with them post-mortem just means they don’t have to chase down dat tail anymore.

Shit like this makes me hate religion even more.

Fuckers like those who support this barbarism do nothing but give a bad name to what could’ve otherwise maybe been a good religion.

Nobody knows how to practice religion right though.


Do it

A bit of a hyperbole, but there are still too many who give a bad name to religion.

Too many hold beliefs of hatred and use their god(s) as a copout excuse even though they’re going against the entire principle. It’s just sickening to see it so commonplace.

My grandma died this January. I can’t imagine right after the moment, anybody asking the family to leave the room for a few last romps.

But I wasn’t married to her, so who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

Necrophilia legal?

Over my dead body…wait, scratch that.

INB4 outbreak of stD’s.

Kane is pleased with this

They really want their mummy.

This article is funny. “They’re going to have sex with dead bodies! Oh, and they might also deny living people education and employment. But back to the more important human rights violation!”

LOL the entire “they so totally won’t elect a bunch of religious nuts, they just won’t” well look at this.

I think their getting ready for a zombie attack