Edmonton Thread - 2012


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For anyone who is new to this SF community let me give you a few links to help you along the way

For all the Street fighter gatherings that happen please post for information

A Facebook group has been put together for the Edmonton SF scene which can be located here
Welcome to Facebook

Feel free to join the group and to come out for some games on fight nights.

Also If you are wanting to setup your game feel free to check out the tutorials on Vesperarcades Youtube channel Located here

YouTube - VesperArcade’s Channel

If you would like to check out some of of the local talent, lots of the players in Edmonton have their own youtube channels for you to view.





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so this is the official 2012 thread i assume lol

happy new years guys.

I’m cool with the increase, I just hope people still show up. Part of the draw is to come out and play a bunch of people lag free and it does suck when there’s fewer to play. Still I hope OK doesn’t crash and burn because I don’t wanna lug around an xbox to BP’s right now, I feel spoiled (assuming we could even get the old venue back).

happy new year gents, we’ll be seeing ya soon

Happy new years everyone.

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Happy new years from the other side of the world.

Why are you trying to start drama again? Why would you even bring up “jims stream”? first you say they let us use the net for free. in the very next sentence you say the LAN center does not make enough money. yeah sure there is no implication there…

we have an agreement with tim that is mutually beneficial to both of us. i don’t see how that agreement concerns you or why you would even bring it up.

I’ not “trying to start drama again” I voiced my opinion on a sort of attitude that I dislike. The “why should I pay when i can do it for free at home” bs is something I think is immature. If Gordan was asking for everyone then fine it would apply to anyone that has that sort of mentality.

I mentioned the stream Jim has as something OK allows for us. When Tim told me he was going to raise his prices. I said well you might get some people who will say “Well I can just play at home for free”, he mention that his operation cost was very high and that we are the only group that pays $5.00 for a gaming night, he also mention that a good deal of customers do not show up on Wednesdays because we are there. He also said, I don’t charge anything for the stream that is something I see as growing of the community. It doesn’t concern me if Jim runs a sever for porn. I was merely mentioning something we are benefiting from being there

Ha ha. You nerdy nerds are too thug-life with your sodium chloride related colloquialisms pertaining to anger management issues and are scaring the other patrons.

It’s not BS at all, it’s a fair argument for many other people regardless of whether you like it or not. There’s still a bunch of Edmonton players that don’t show up to casual gatherings and costs is one of the reasons why. Console gaming, netplay, and equipment (monitors, joysticks, pads, etc…) are all very accessible now, which led to the death of the arcade scene. A LAN center or any venue is not going to reverse this because people prefer the convenience of home gaming.

What Tim failed to mention you, Shiro, is that the stream is a mutual agreement between Overklocked and us. In exchange for doing the stream we are to promote the venue and venue events on a regular basis. However, Tim was suppose to provide us with all the Ad overlays to do this. It’s been a few weeks since we made this agreement and we have yet to receive anything from the staff to do this. It’s one point, on a long list of things, that I have issues with Overklocked.

I agree with that. arcades shut down because IT is impossible to compete with the just play at home for free" I wanted to voice my opinion on the subject and try to atleast convey how it is detrimental and corrosive to the growth of our little community. No ones obligated to come and play, but I can’t help but think its a kick in the pants to throw out something we all already now we can do. What is the point in that?

Idk why Tim has not sent you guys any overlays. I have atleast three of his store logos and I can send you guys them if that helps at all.

I don’t see how its fair to blame the WNF group.

Its a Wednesday - People normally have work/school the next day. Some people wouldn’t be at a LAN center till 1AM on a weeknight if they had to wake up early the next morning. Speaking from experience during WNF, I never saw many outside the group in the LAN center anyways. So, unless every other weekday they have a mass of people coming in and Wednesday is the only day of the week where its not as busy, then I don’t think its a fair judgement to say that we are to blame.

That’s not the point. It shouldn’t be you that provides us with the logo’s or overlays. It should be Tim and his staff that should be doing this.