Economical case alternative

Yeah, this may not go over well with the SRK fanbase, I understand. However: if you have the parts and are only lacking a case, this is a pretty decent way to test it all out!

You can store food while playing.

I honestly see a lot of advantages to that. haha

that was originally posted in the custom stick gallery here first.

EDIT: here it is

I believe this has become the ghetto stick thread.

I was looking into making a ghetto ass stick with a motherboard box i have sitting around with a bunch of junk in it. It’s made of some pretty thick cardboard and its somewhat taller than my Hori FS3. Could turn into a decent floor stick.

Much thanks for the OG link, monte. My buddy just sent it to me and I knew it had to be on SRK already – too bad the search didn’t return much for “rubbermaid joystick”.

My first prototype stick :bgrin:

It wasn’t strong enough for serious play though, damn you Etnies!

Atleast it will keep your stick & buttons fresh as the day you bought them

Whats up with the straws???

The straws are for support. If he points too hard or rests his wrists, he may dent the box.

And here’s mine :wgrin:
Actually I’m looking into making a real box for it right now, but for the time being it works great.

probably for support.

Because everyone knows straws have the greatest structural support. duh!

How about some DRAWER sticks?! And yes, thats one of my actual arcade sticks lol.

Woah…this is almost like a competition.

I should try to use my spare SE parts and a paper bag.

Pizza box.

OH hell yea, the ghetto stick showcase.

I am still playing on my gun case stick… and working on another wireless version. This case turned out to be pretty awesome actually. Especially after I affixed a black mousepad to the bottom, sliced in half for excellent lap or table play. :rofl:

Winner! Not only is that ghetto as hell but it adds the element of getting tetanus from cutting your hand on the rusted metal bar in the middle.

Extreme!! :rock:

Believe it or not, I’m planning a ghetto case mod myself too. I’m having trouble finding a suitable CHEAP case, though.

I’ve been looking around for tupperware cases, but it seems like all their lids aren’t sturdy enough and most of them are curved and not flat. Another alternative I’ve found is possibly combining a wooden clipboard from the dollar store with a shoebox. We’ll see.