ecKsniNe's Custom Arcade Sticks

Well. I figured it was about time I put all of these together to display in one thread.

The purpose of this thread is more to display my work, and recieve feedback on my sticks, and just ask general questions if you have any.

This is also a great place to post up pictures of any sticks people that have purchased my boxes have made.

For all sales and related info check the sales thread here:


Here’s the first stick I sold.

It’s a maple box with a natural stain and a poly finish.

Without pad cover:

With pad cover:

This one is one of my Lacewood boxes with a poly finish and advanced wiring option.’

Xbox360 PCB with Akuma art.

Maple with a natural stain and poly finish and Makrolon bottom.

Cthulhu MC board.

The finish came out very nice and mirror-like on this one:

Very very nice. Very nice.

Super good man.

This one I crafted for myself.

The art is by Dennis Jenkins, special thanks to him, he’s the man.

The wood is a gorgeous walnut with a pecan stain and a poly finish. Lexan top and bottom panels.

Purple Heart box.

Metal Slug Art.

Hope you like it!

The box is a custom slim style Purple Heart with a poly finish with the Neo Geo button layout.

Hope you like it!

Here are some project shots of a consolized MVS enclosure I am working on. I thought yall might think this is neat. It still needs to be finish sanded stained and poly finished.

very nice arcade sticks and that “console” is sweet 2 lol… you could make a killing and my bad for cutting your posts off ahah

Custom art by Dennis Jenkins. The original art was Neo-Geo.
Changed to capcom by preference of the customer.

Original Art:

Purple heart stick with Ikaruga Art and a Cthulhu MC board.

This is my last Purple Heart box with a Cthulhu MC board.

This customer asked me to model the art after Byrdo’s Morrigan stick, so this is how it came out.

Nice customs, I really like that first one, and the Akuma one too. The wood looks amazing, and the mirror finish is a really nice touch. Also, WOW you are stocked on parts lol. Are all of those joysticks JLFs?

Mahogany Box with some awesome Samurai Showdown art, LEDs, and UV Blue sleeve.


Thanks :smiley:

Haha, yeah MVS awesome! It deserves an awesome enclosure! I do ok with this business, I like it. No worries about the cutting :smiley:

Thanks, Yeah, I am ok on parts at the moment, I am going to need more JLF’s here soon though. Lol.