ECCXI Tune Up #2 at The Games Skybox on 04/29/2006 (CvS2/MvC2/CvS1/MvC1)

I’ve had a few people suggest in forums and over MSN that we return to Skybox so…

DATE: Saturday April 29th

LOCATION: The Games Skybox

FEE: $3 for CvS2 & MvC2, $1 for CvS1 & MvC1

POT SPLIT: 80/20 for CvS2 & MvC2, WTA for CvS1 & MvC1


START TIME: 2:00pm

GAMES: Capcom vs SNK 2, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Capcom vs SNK 1, Marvel vs Capcom 1


Double Elimination
2/3 Falls winners, Single match losers
3/5 Winners & Losers Finals
4/7 Grand Finals

Double Elimination
2/3 Falls winners & losers
3/5 Winners Finals
4/7 Grand Finals

Single match, Double Elimination
2/3 Winners & Losers Finals
3/5 Grand Finals

Double Elimination
2/3 Falls winners & losers
3/5 Winners Finals
47 Losers Finals

Exams should be done by this time and a lot of us are tuning up for ECCXI so it’d be nice to have a solid 12 players for the two major games.

Skybox needs a maintenance check first.

I’ll be there for sure. I’ll try to check up on the condition of the shit prior to the tourny.

definitely gonna make it out for this one.
i need the practice, (who am i kidding, i barely know how it even feels) with those bats instead of jap sticks.
it’ll be my first tourney with non-jap sticks :slight_smile:
in any case, my MSP should be scrubtacular by that time, meaning i’ll be joining CVS2 as well as Marvel (another first, tourney-wise)

I want to join but UofT has committed a gigantic crime against humanity by having exams on Saturdays and it so happens I have one on April 29th.

Good luck everyone.

BTW, I haven’t played anyone decent besides my brother for months. If anyone is doing a casual anywhere, please give me a heads up. I’m willing to travel a little.

If Wing doesn’t come i’ll join CVS1. If Wing comes, i’ll try my best to make sure a cvs1 tournament doesn’t happen. Just to make him angry.

mvc1 sounds good hopefully i can make this one

O for sure i’m joining Cvs1 :rock:

lol at anant. you cant’ say that yet. You gotta make sure Wing shows up first, THEN make sure CvS1 doesn’t happen.

I’ll have to check my schedule to see if i can make this one…we seem to have a surge in tourny counts lately…

i hate you all.

Shit, I’m moving that weekend. BUT Skybox is right between Waterloo and Scarborough, so maybe I’ll show up… U-Haul truck and all.

great i’ll be there to take cvs1

the one tourny that happens on US sticks and g3nn is busy … coincidence? :confused:

…i think not!

I’m winning Isuka. :tup:

Host an Isuka tourney then. I’ll join it.

Die hard Arcade > *

cvs2 2nd player side hp is mess up. sometimes it get struck, sometimes it comes out randomly.

2P HK responds 50/50.

Ive been to like every Skybox tourney, so stfu and lose to Cyrus more please.