ECCXI Tune Up #2 at The Games Skybox on 04/29/2006 (CvS2/MvC2/CvS1/MvC1)

i know you’ve been to other Skybox tourney, but I know you haven’t been to “like every” one of them. And for the times you have shown up, i don’t think you even made top 8 in a 7 man tourny…so keep talking shit about how i lose to cyrus in causal, when you got beasted, BEASTED by who you call sauga scrubs like poeta at ORBIT during tourny. :chat:

quoted for hilarity

at least your being reasonable now, not saying rediculous things like “jiggabry is goin down” or “im gonna beat jason ma this time”

those two are part of his goal ever since he played you/jason ma

but i still dont get how hes being reasonable…
him taking cvs1?
unless hes the only person in the tournment.

With all the T7 stuff, this got forgotten.

Are the machines in working order?

Can someone from Sauga make sure to remind them we need Event Mode?

I’ve already informed last Thursday but someone needs to make a reminder too as a double-check. MvC2 and CvS1 are in good condition. CvS2 isn’t as the Mediums and the Heavys on the 2P side respond 50-50. Didn’t test MvC1.

TEST MVC1 i want a tourny for that!!!

alrite me and captain g3nn will be there to own u scrubs

Unfortunately I’m STILL asleep and studying now.