ECCXI MvC2 Finals are up @ TGA

Just in case everyone missed the link in the ECCXI Results Thread.

Please leave feedback, comments, and suggestions; it is much appreciated.

“Right click, Save-as” these files, it won’t download otherwise.

Don’t forget to check out the other footage, especially from ECCX and Evo2k5.

im still getting a txt file when i right click and save as

edit: k nvm i got it


works fine for me on firefox…

good shit good shit. that was quick.

yo you mind if i host this on another server? it downloads mad slow

to where tho?

i have a host i can mirror it at

Please do so.

Wow! I got a hard on seeing the videos up so quick (no homo). Thanks sooooo much.

Damn Vids up already!!!

You cats must have alot of help to beat preppy to the punch!:rofl: if anyone over at tga has a problem with it i’ll take the link off the page

Appreciate it very much, it’s downloading much faster now. Can’t wait to watch these great matches, peace

Nah, I told everyone who asked that I wasn’t even going to get back until last night. I got back to my house at about midnight, and captured the top 32 (minus ONE match (Potters’ win with Strider/Doom) where the tape went bad (I managed to get the other footage off, but that cassette is junked)) in between sleeping.

But yeah: nice work, Gav. :tup:

teams for grand finals: justin vs sanford (no side switching)

set1: MSC,MSP,SScap vs MSS,SScap,MSS,SScap
set2: SScap vs MSS,scrub

awesome footage keep it up!

Is the guy who recorded the hotel marvel madness in our room “158” gonna put the vids up anytime soon?

is wong on the left or the right during the first wong-sanford match?

on the right it goes
sanford justin, justin yipes, justin sanford

lol, whoever yelled “SNAP!” during the last game of the first set owes Sanford a few hundred dollars :sad: :sad: :sad:

Yeah. Sanford probably would have won if he didn’t go for the snapback. Oh well, there’s always next year.