ECCXI MvC2 Finals are up @ TGA

Good Look!!!

Who was the person talking all the smack during the Yipes/Justin match in the loser’s final? It made it all the better when Justin came back in the third match :slight_smile:

wow. wong is the comeback king. That shit was hyped up.

it’s sentinel what do you expect?

Where can I d/l the matches? The origional link hasn’t got the file anymore and neither has True_Tech’s mirror.

I’ve got them up too:

Nice one Preppy, thanks!

Edit: Hmm, there’s a lot of files there. Which one is the released version?

I don’t understand the question… ? What specifically are you looking for? If you’re looking for the finals, scroll waaaaaay down - the finals are at the end there. :smile:

I can’t believe I haven’t really watched this stuff. Thanks to Preppy and Echoes for the footage.

And after LF for “Justin vs. Yipes”, he is definitely back.

Yeah, I meant which one’s the top 8 and not like casuals and money matches. But, I see you’ve already answered my question… Thanks.