East Coast vs West Coast.

5 on 5.

East vs West.

This will be base on how many wins your team can gather.

Who’s up for it?

Also, it’s going to be a canidate if there’s more than 5 on 5.

should just rename it to NY/GA vs CA

Maybe. Then again, we might have central players represent each side as well. Who knows.

Why don’t you just make it State VS State

Renique/EZ-CHAMP (TX) VS GFB/Namix323 (Example) (GA)

That defeats the purpose of this event tho…The whole idea was to be a 5 vs 5 (candidate or which one you prefer to represent) and rack a lot of wins for your team.

Well I agree but that sorta leaves those that aren’t from either coast out. I don’t know whatever fits to your liking.

That is why I said they can enter and represent a coast.

Sorry my bad!!

It’s all coolio, Sir.

this is for mvc2?

if this is mvc2 EC should be

renique (if you can pull him along for this)
who else is EC? where’s locdown from?

WC should be

smooth assasin

Does David even play tho?

idk i never see him on. maybe charlie goblyn could take his spot or mvc2 rh if he comes back to psn?

Isn’t Texas in da WC??

^ yeah texas is WC lol based on PSN killers, i’d say WC has this FRAY!

credot should be EC now since he’s in florida now iirc.

Credot (if he plays it still)
renique (he’ll represent EC, he said fuck WC and their wannabe)
VDO (if he wishes to participate)
GFB (cause I am now a legend because KD said it himself)

how would you do this with mvc2s current online lobby setup is my question?

It’s a 1 on 1.

You fight all the members from a coast. It’s FT5 for every member and you add your wins.

LOL keep reniqgay!! Scrub got beat by my servbot team

Lol. You wish you had a servbot team!