East Coast vs West Coast.

Your servbot, cammy and akuma ain’t shit to my servbot IM and tron

LOL if mystic nominates himself on the 5 on 5 EC slot, either me or nickguy can both take his spot as we’d do a lot better

In all seriousness, there’s a lot of talent on PSN, though moreso on the WC lineup. We should do a 10 on 10 or 2 teams of 5 on 5 for each coast. One with the absolute best, and one with the upcomers or the 2nd tier of players.

What about NICKGOD and me??? I’m guessing 1 vs 1!! I’m WC!!

I think you meant NickScrub :slight_smile:

Can we get a nickguy vs mystic ft10 on stream?

I don’t think anyone has played Nickguy when he plays serious with both hands!!
Nickscrub = one hand and not serious or he plays with feet
Nickguy= one hand and serious
NICKGOD = two hands and dead serious

If only people still cared enough to put this game as their main priority, I’d like to see something like ranking ladder; 1 for each coast.

At least lets see how many people that come here are currently still active in the game before running some 5 on 5 or whatever.

A lot moved on or some people doesn’t like the online experience of Marvel.


i didnt put myself ont he EC team because i wanted to give WC a chance

thatd be so boring, do yall really wanna see his MSFREE get scraped by me? the only way itll be interesting is if he plays ducs team

Last time my MSFREE was owning you. xD

I remember alot of 12 hit roms and me ultimately still winning :coffee:

Last time 2 sets were Duc’s team to be honest. a while back before i touched the Duc’s team. I was using MSP.

LOL yall too funny. I’m reppin east. If we gonna do this shit we gonna do it right. I’ll grab some killas from the old school days with me and convince them to play if that’s the case.

I think it’d make more sense to just get ACTIVE PSN players for something like this, and not just look for top players and be like “Hey, you got PS3? Come play”

they’re active >.>. some of you just never run into em or have them on ur list lol

Usually when I think of setting up events on SRK, they’re for people that are actually active around these parts LOL

oh ok lol