Ear buds with bass?

Okay, I’d like some reccomendations of good ear buds with alot of bass.

I’m using Zune HD, and currently have Sony MDR-XB20EX.

The main problem is these make my eyes water when I insert them correctly. I also need something that pounds even if it’s not in all the way. I kind of need my ears “open” at work. These completely seal them off.

…you bought a Zune? Your ears bleed water?

Are you Jesus?

I have never been able to use regular earbud style headphones. Something about how my ear is shaped I guess, but they just dont sit right and always were painful putting them in, while they were in, and especially taking them out.

After I got my first iphone I was looking for some new headphones and found these V-moda phones…

I got the duo pair with the mic for my iphone for around $100, the regulars may be less now…and not only are they super comfy, they can pump out some sound also. It comes with three different sizes of silicone earpieces so you can find one that fits you best. I swear by these now, love em.

I thought all ear buds cut off the rest of the world to your ears? I thought that was the point.
You aren’t going to get good bass with earbuds, you’ll get loud bass, but not good bass. Just get decent headphones if it concerns you that much, much better for your ears.

Get a pair of Klipsch Image S4s.

Ugly but they’ll blow your head off at full blast.

Ear buds aren’t able to create too much base. The drivers are just too small. I like them for working out but if you want something with more bass you really need to get something that is over the ear versus in ear.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone recommend something from Koss.

Shure brother ear buds are the best thing you can get, they have a decent bass but the sound quality is out of this world.

reading on head-fi :

atrio m5
monster turbines

If I had to choose, atrio m5. Good luck.

ANY monster products = SUPER Stupidly overpriced, you are paying a good 70% for the name…

You can get some bassful (but not necessarily good) buds fairly easily. Doesn’t Sony have that $16 Extra bass bud? It’s black with a silver bit? That or get Skullcandy Ink’d…for like $12 i think. SC is bass-focused brand, nothing but Bass.

I personally hate earbuds… I go full sized cans, I bought a JVC HA RX300 today for $20.

Titanium skullcandy earbuds are great for bass.

Generally this is the case for a monster product, but the turbines produce very good sound and amazing iem bass for only $149 cad. Pretty cheap for entry level stuff. Again, this is what I’ve researched from head-fi.org.

I reread your original post. Kinda hard to get good sound without isolation, heh. Maybe for work you can get a set of powered speakers instead of phones and keep on low volume.

If you insist on using buds, check this thread out.


The more traditional kind - pk1’s are regarded at the best

I recentl joined head-fi to question about the XB300’s and HARX300, but I went head and bought both anyway, i’m raher satisfied with both of their SQ’s, but I went for the lower SQ because the XB hurts my left ear.

I have Sony Extra Bass’ and they were $40, so they are probably a step up from what you’re mentioning. They are great for bass, but I need a different design, than a full eardrum, if it’s possible. I looked at the Skullcandy’s and they are the same type.

what exactly is your price range for new buds?

I don’t think you should by any ear buds. People on welfare buy them, and we know how much you hate those people.

I used to HATE Koss’s shit until I got my last pair of headphones. Apparently, they got so many complaints about their products that they actually starting giving a shit.

I have those earbuds in that pic and some big headphones. Both are loud as fuck and give you a studio feel.

Jamming objects into your ears is never a good idea. Don’t buy Ear Buds.

I guess like $100.


Getting good base w/o isolation is kinda hard since there’s gonna be a lot of leakage. IEMs have the best bass to me and those seal off outside sound completely. If you need to hear at work, maybe try some earphones instead of earbuds. The bigger drivers will deliver better sound too. The Koss KSC75 is always a good buy and pretty cheap for about $20 and you won’t find anything much better under $100.