Eagle Advanced Strats and Tactics

This thread is for advanced strats and tactics for eagle. If you’re looking for B&B combos, CC’s, or other generic information, go to the bottom of the page and change it to"Show threads from: the beginning." You can also find all the mixups after a punch throw, advanced combo talk for C groove in an old apoc post, and some other really good stuff.

I’m relatively new to eagle myself. I’ve always put him on my “fun” A-groove teams, but I’ve never really considered him for my “business” team.

Without a doubt, eagle’s two best grooves are C and A, in that order.

Here are a few of my questions. They deal primarily with character matchups, and a few other random questions.

-How does eagle fight against vega (claw)? Although vega has some good anti-air’s, eagle’s jump-in’s and air-to-air games are REALLY solid. I think this fight should be approached by jumping at vega, but i’m just not too sure about which attacks i should use to counter which of vega’s AAs. The problem with engaging in a ground game with vega is that he can punish whiffs very easily, can super jump over eagle’s long ranged pokes (which have horrible recovery) and punish, and can jiggle all day and poke sparingly.

-How does eagle fight against bison (psycho crusher)? I’m really inexperienced in this matchup because there aren’t many skilled bisons that i play against. Help would be greatly appreciated on this one.

-Eagle does well against blanka, cammy, and chun li IMO. Blanka can’t jump in, his roll is too slow, and he loses in a poking war. Cammy can’t jump in, her roll is too slow, and she loses in a poking war also. When fighting cammy, just make sure if she gets in close, to block her close standing fierce, (tech hit throws), block her standing roundhouse, then snuff any more advances with crouching mk, and push her back out again. Chun li can’t jump in, loses air to air, and gets outpoked by eagle big time.

-What are some good ways to set up his CC? There was an old thread for this, but nothing decent was ever contributed.

*Jumping in with an early blocked roundhouse, then landing and activating is sometimes effective, because they will either try to DP or poke because your roundhouse came out so early.

*Linking into CC after a punch throw mixup is very effective.

*cr jab, cr jab, dash, punch throw. do it again at another point in the match (not after the punch throw, too predictable), but activate your CC instead of doing the punch throw. This one works very well.

*against shotos, it’s habit for them to throw out a blocked cr hk into fireball. wait until you recover from the block stun of the cr hk, activate, hcf + mk through the fireball, and continue your ground CC from there.

-Are his counters worth learning? Besides cancelling fireballs from long distances, a missed counter leads to a free jump-in from most quick opponents.

Hopefully Apoc will contribute his information. He’s the eagle guru, especially in terms of character matchups.

hmmm, you seem to believe eagle outpokes some of the best pokes in the game… im not too sure i agree with you on that…

in reference to what characters? and i’m not saying eagle outright owns blanka, cammy, and chun li, but i’m saying he has the ability to do well against them. be more specific please.

I dont know if it’s been posted before but… one cool thing that eagle can do with his qcf.mp is counter Blanka’s RC electricty on wake up.Cool? meh… :slight_smile: Eagle is a good character If people explore more They will see the untapped power.:lame: Really Eagle Is a solid character. still learning though…

damn, that is a nice little trick. and it builds eagle TONS of meter.

i also think eagle has the best air-to-air game in cvs2, with bison being a very close second. his jumping mp has really good priority, great horizontal range, and comes out very quickly. his jumping mk is excellent at snuffing people trying to jump up at you and has great priority. and his jumping hp has even more horizontal range, and can catch the higher jumpers because eagle swings his entire arm around, instead of just out like the mp. but his jumping hp has more startup than his jumping mp.

hopefully apoc will bust up in the club and contribute his eagle knowledge. anyway, eagle rules:cool:

I have Friend that play’s P eagle. My other friend plays A blanka RC electricity like" the world Is comming to an end". My eagle friend was trying to parry the RC electricity, and was Fucking up. I said “qcf mp counter that shit”:mad::lol: :cool:
Anyway’s. Do you or anyone eles have some Block string I could use? Something to get me started. Iam so lazy. :frowning: :smiley:
P.S. It does build Hell a Bar. I never noticed. :eek:

this was posted in the old eagle thread by geekboy…

“you can use c.LP x2, c.MK, s.FP as a poke combo, takes a good chunk, but is very risky vs. lvl 3s (you’ll get hit almost all the time if you use it carelessly against them), so sub for c.MP or s.MK after c.MK”

-cr lp x2, cr mp

-cr lp x2, cr mk, do nothing. you might have either baited a level 3/roll/jump, and punish accordingly.

also, since i play A groove- once you do get a guard break, activate CC, do hcf + mp (1 hit), then continue your ground CC from there.

eagle also does relatively well against sakura.

*if she tries to turtle and poke sparingly with standing hk, play your distances right, and punish her whiffed hk with your standing fp because his fp is slightly longer than her standing hk. but always play the whiff, don’t poke first, because she will surely nail you in recovery.

*if she tries to divekick for meter from a distance away, meet her in the air with either jumping mk or mp, depending on height and distance. most of the time you should win, or it’ll trade, BARELY in eagle’s favor.

*if she tries to RC hurricane kick, mp counter that ish. let it hit his counter once or twice, then release the button and smack her.

*RC lariat her crossups, cr hp her jump ins.

*his alpha counter trades with her shoshosho’ing, which isn’t too bad.

i’m not saying he’s a counter character to her or anything, but eagle gives sakura a run for her money IMO.

-and what about team location? i think eagle is a huge threat WITH meter, but he can also build it very quickly because of his 10 hit B&B and multi-hit counter on characters like blanka/sakura or somebody else with multi-hitting specials. R1 or R2?

damn, i might have to change my avatar, eagle’s the shit:cool:

cammy owns my eagle… soon as she starts poking i lose like half of my life before i can get the bitch away…

edit: i was thinking of using counters sometimes in between her poke string but it’s really risky for obviously reasons… especially if they are sitting on a super… how do you get this bitch off you without losing like 90% of your guard and/or 40% of your life?

yea, i retract my former statement of eagle doing really well against cammy, but my former advice still stands…

“When fighting cammy, just make sure if she gets in close, to block her close standing fierce, (tech hit throws), block her standing roundhouse, then snuff any more advances with crouching mk, and push her back out again.”

basically frame advantage simply isn’t on your side when cammy gets all up in your grill. so your best bet is to let the little whore throw out her standing fp, standing fp/hk, THEN begin your zoning game again. her roll sucks, so you can use crouching rh sparingly.

also, eagle’s standing hp reaches over cammy’s whiffed standing hk. and when cammy does divekicks, instead of doing crouching hp for AA, do standing mp. try to throw it out early so the finishing animation hits where he has his baton extended, not the part where he begins to flick it out. the part where he has the baton in his right hand extended has TONS of priority.

know your jumping abilities also. after she does he block string of standing hp, standing hp/hk, do one of two things…jump backwards and stick out mk to snuff out any advances, or jump straight up and do mk.

and yes, NEVER do counters against her. you’re asking to be killed.

hope this helps, i’ll write up some of the stuff i learned at EVO and what not a little later.

PS- i wanna make an eagle video because i came across something i think is pretty tight/important, and i would rather show than tell. if anybody has a place they could host a video or something, i wouldn’t mind making a video similar to dj-b13’s tips and tricks video for eagle.

and jesus christ, does ANYBODY else use eagle? your loss i guess, but i would like more input…

… eagle

yea Im in the process of making an eagle advanced strategies video and I should be done relatively soon… if you have specific questions about eagle just drop it because I pretty much play him religiously haha…

tight, sounds good.

  1. what groove do you play eagle in? i use A mostly, but i’m thinking about switching over to C.

  2. what ratio do you use him at and where do you place him in your team?

  3. how does eagle fight vega (claw)? i’ve heard you want to stay in the air and jump at vega, but i’m not sure about which attacks to use for which of vega’s AAs.

  4. how does eagle fight against bison (psycho power)? i have very few skilled bisons in my area, so i’m in the dark on that matchup.

  5. who does eagle do REALLY well against? i’ve heard chun li, and i can guess nakoruru, but who else and why?

and how’d you do at EVO? i talked to apoc and he said you beat him, but i was wondering how far you got/who you lost to?

personally i lost to arturo sanchez in my pool (which also had KSK and Sin), then to some other random guy and his K-groove rolento which did too much damage for me to catch up. and since it was only one game instead of 2 of 3, i was fucked.

  1. Eagle’s best groove is C because he has a good alpha counter, air block, a powerful lvl 2 cancel and he can become a turtling machine.

  2. Why would you want to put him as your 2? He’s better off as a 1 because if you don’t get that many supers or all you’re doing is poking and building meter, you might as well hand off the ratio 2 to Sagat or Chun-Li. In terms of where to put him, he makes a good starter, I like putting him second usually because if I have someone like Chun-Li or Guile who can put it a lot of work before dying, I don’t have to rely on Eagle to do a lot of work because he’s a bad match up for a lot of top tier.

  3. Whoever said Eagle’s in favor against Eagle is wrong. Eagle can’t jump in at all against Vega…because you have to deal with s.RH or c.Fierce, both of which will stuff you or land a weird counter hit depending on if you both press buttons at the same time. You’re better off beating him on the ground because Vega’s gonna rely on c.Strong a majority of the match. If HE tries to jump in, c.Fierce that shit, no problems. You don’t want to get into a poking war and throw out s.Fierce, because Vega should be able to c.Strong it regardless if it hits or not. I believe Eagle’s c.RH goes under Vega’s c.Strong though, and you can nail Vega with it if he whiffs something. Make sure you want to maintain distance, if you get in close either go for Eagle’s punch throw or a super, you’ll want to strip him of his claw and babysit it because after Vega loses the claw, the match starts to become in favor of you.

  4. In terms of fighting Bison, I think it’s a little bit easier than Vega, especially if you have C-Eagle. Why? Because you don’t have to worry about Bison’s j.RH that much anymore. In fact, if you bait a Bison to do a j.RH on you, you get a free combo because you land first. If you can RC his qcb+P thing, cross ups are gone. Once you get Bison down on the ground, you have the advantage because he can’t jump in and all he can really do is get into a poking war with you. Just make sure not to get rushed down, because I believe Bison’s s.Strong hits Eagle whether or not he’s crouched, so…you better watch for your guard meter and USE THOSE ALPHA COUNTERS. Eagle can get meter back pretty quickly.

  5. Bison does good against Chun-Li because she can’t jump in on him at all, therefore minimizing her chances of getting a super (outside of doing those ghetto buffer things). You can jump in on Chun-Li pretty safely because you only have to worry about c.RH, and you can use j.Forward to beat that I believe. He’s at a loss against small people because you can’t really poke them that well. He doesn’t do well vs Cammy because once she gets on you with the Fierces and the RHs…you better hope you do SOME damage, because you’re not doing much after that. Bison also does good against Blanka, because they’re equally matched in terms of poking. If Blanka whiffs a c.Fierce, you punisher with a c.RH (if Blanka isn’t in an instant recovery groove, dash towards him as much as you can), you’ll trade with most of his jump ins with c.Fierce, so you don’t have to worry about that. Eagle’s extremely good at turtling and that’s the way I play him (I put him second to frustrate a lot of people), he’s like a ghetto Cammy, because you can walk back and forth, and as long as you control your space, you’re golden.

like who? i’ll admit he doesn’t do too well against sagat, but i think he does well against blanka, cammy (kinda), bison, and does really well against sakura and chun li. i don’t know about guile because nobody around here plays a good one.

yes, but the spacing is so ridiculously tight that it can’t be considered a viable option (unless vega lost his claw). go into training mode and have vega mash on crouching strong, then see how close you need to get to hit him after he whiffs. add to the fact that he’ll be jiggling by walking back and forth, and there’s no way you can punish it consistently.

yep, he can’t crouch it. but by the time bison gets in range to hit you with that, you could’ve already smacked him with a crouching mk a long time ago.

well once cammy gets in on ANYBODY and does standing fierce, then standing rh, hardly anybody can do anything in terms of normals. but eagle can punish cammy’s whiffed standing hk with his standing fierce pretty easily, and his crouching mk serves as a good “get the fuck off me” poke. he also completely nullifies her air game with crouching fierce, standing mp (for divekicks), and RC lariat. so i wouldn’t say eagle is helpless against her, he just really needs to know his distances and which pokes to use in which situations.

kinda, but with a MUCH better air to air game. i still don’t think people see just how good his air to air game is. he can jump straight up and stick out either a mp, mk, or fp and not many people can do a damn thing about it in terms of air to air.

oh yea, dash into CC is TOO GOOD. i caught too many people at EVO with that ish, even BAS and Ino in casual. then i tried to do it in my tourney match against arturo, and he just RC lariated me:bluu:

oh yea, eagle’s MP counter owns sakura’s RC fireballs (and RC hurricane kicks) for free. that was how i finally killed arturo’s damn C-sakura. I tested out his mp counter against her RC fireball (cuz i was desperate), and eagle absorbed all three hits, then smacked her.

and thanks for the input geekboy, it’s good to see this thread pick up some steam:cool:

I’ve been playing A/C-Eagle for pretty long while now. He’s almost like a Vega with combos minus the walking speed. One thing about Eagle is that i kept putting him and taking him out of my team a lot. Sometimes i would be on a roll with Eagle and sometimes he get raped so bad that im afraid to use him for any tourney.

My opinions of Eagle’s tough matches are Bison, Cammy, Nakoruru, and Vega.

Im my opinion, Cammy whoops Eagle just like the way she beats on Vega.

Wouldnt Balrog be a tough opponent for Eagle to beat?

Both fighters like to stay at a distance where they can abuse their long range pokes. But im thinking Balrog would have the upper hand since Eagle cant duck under Balrog’s s.fierce. Also Balrog’s poke s.fierce recovers much faster than Eagle’s s.fierce and c.roundhouse. His rolls is also faster than Eagle’s roll. Any opinions on how to approach this match?

who is raping your eagle? maybe you’re just not playing him right or something, but eagle is damn good, maybe the most underrated character in cvs2.

but eagle owns nakoruru, and he does very well against bison, and vega and cammy can be difficult matches sometimes.

balrog can be pretty tough. but if he doesn’t have a level 3, stay at his standing fierce range, and use standing mp. it will usually beat his standing fierce if the second part of the animation hits, or it’ll trade in balrog’s favor (just a little). and try to stay in the air and beat him air to air instead of on the ground, cuz balrog does have the advantage there.


Come on people eagle doesn’t do that bad against vega. Vega can’t jump in at all against eagle (aside from a small jumping round house). Did you ever try using eagles crouching medium punch against vega? The priority is godly and if you get the timing and spacing down it will hit the tip of vega’s crouching medium pokes. As for jumping in on vega your best opinion is jumping medium kick. If you hit the jumping medium relatively early in your jump it will beat vega to the ground, but the problem is that if you hit him with the medium from that high he will obviously grab you once you make contact with the ground. So overall don’t bother jumping in on Vega with eagle, but rather try to anticipate his jumps and poke that shit in the air and try to keep the game tight with him. If you are close enough to vega and you jump in on him (perhaps in the corner), most of your jump ins are all good. And remember alot of the times if you eat a c.hp from Vega from relatively close you get a free super with eagle (thanks apoc haha), just super his ass while he is recovering from hitting you.

As for Cammy you just gotta keep that bitch away from you. If you are good at anticipating her cannon drills you can stuff them with C.Mk or C.MP if you time it right. Eagles medium counter works well against scrubby Cammy’s that mash away at the hardpunches as they walk in, but beware of the distancing because you may counter and hit the air after. Basically the whole game against cammy revolvles around keeping her away, and zoning her with c.mp and c.mk’s. Eagles antiair is almost 100% safe against Cammy’s jump ins.

As for bison that is a pretty safe match up for eagle. Use the antiairs accordingly and use your pokes to punish scissor kicks. Eagles supers are pretty fast and can hit bison alot of the times after you block a scissor kick so learn to punish that shit when the space is right and link a super off a c.mk.

Roger W


i’ve never tried using crouching mp against vega cuz i thought he could bait me and either hit me during the recovery, or jump in on me with hk, cuz his jump is so damn fast.

and which super are you talking about, his rush one or the lariat? i’d imagine you could custom also. i’ve never heard about that, good stuff.

yea, crouching hp shuts down her normal jump ins, and standing mp owns her dive.

i’ll probably share my super-secret trick in the next few days once i get my computer working (i’m at a friends now):cool:

What is the purpose of qcb punch. How the hell do you use his crossup.

I’m too lazy to post anything big really but i’ll point out a few things i guess

his qcb+p move when you RC it, is perfect antiair, including crossups. It’s good against P too since you have to parry multiple hits…it hits like 5 times or something…I have yet to see anyone parry all this and hit him afterwards.

regarding eagles crossup its kinda hard to use it effectively. Sometimes it acts like a fake crossup (like when hibiki does j. rh and it looks like it crosses u up but she doesnt and stays on the same side). My best advice is to use it off a throw I guess, but why do that when you can try to mix it up with dash to the otherside and either do meaty guardstun patterns or jumpback fwd when they get up. I wouldnt advise doing it really, against good players by the time you get into that range to cross up like that youre leaving yourself open to other stuff (like when I played choi and tried to go for meaty jumpins since thats how you get in on her - I got airthrown.)

Roger, its stand MK against cannon drill, not crouching MK yo!

regarding eagles counters against cammy you can use it more if you RC it, just dont do it randomly so that she jumps over it or something, cammy shouldnt be in that range vs eagle anyway - you want to keep that bitch at midscreen and do a lot or low fwd/stand fierce/low rh. If she short jumps on you just RC spin, that solves his main problem (he cant antiar small jumps but with RC spin he can.)

Eagle RC counter is decent occasionally, I always RC the medium one sometimes - it takes the guesswork out of which counter you have to pick, since if you RC their poke will go through and counter will hit even if you guess wrong.

o, eagle dies to sagat (especially C-Sagat) pretty badly.

Oh and if you want to cancel into his Union Jack Platinum with ease use C.MK because it can only cancel into supers, so you’ll never accidentally do that annoying QCF P move EVER AGAIN!!!:mad: Worx the same way Cammy’s C.HP can only cancel into Spin Drive Smasher.