Dudley Match Up Survey

Wanted to promote some conversation among us

Fill out your opinion on the match up

You can use 5-5 format, favorable/even/unfavorable, whatever you prefer as long as it gets your opinion across. Feel free to explain why or ask why and hopefully your question will be answered.

As always keep it classy

vs Abel

vs Adon

vs Akuma

vs Balrog

vs Blanka

vs C. Viper

vs Cammy

vs Chun Li

vs Cody

vs Dan

vs Dee Jay

vs Dhalsim

vs E. Honda

vs El Fuerte

vs Evil Ryu

vs Fei Long

vs Gen

vs Gouken

vs Guile

vs Guy

vs Hakan

vs Ibuki

vs Juri

vs Ken

vs M. Bison

vs Makoto

vs Oni

vs Rose

vs Rufus

vs Ryu

vs Sagat

vs Sakura

vs Seth

vs T. Hawk

vs Vega

vs Yang

vs Yun

vs Zangief

vs Abel - 5-5

vs Adon 5-5

vs Akuma 5.5 4.5

vs Balrog 5-5

vs Blanka 4.5 5.5

vs C. Viper 5-5

vs Cammy 5-5

vs Chun Li 5.5 4-5

vs Cody 5-5

vs Dan 4-6

vs Dee Jay 5-5

vs Dhalsim 4.5 5.5

vs E. Honda havnt played high level honda

vs El Fuerte havnt played one that uses ultra

vs Evil Ryu havnt played one that could get past ultra 1 (most likely in dud’s favor 4-6

vs Fei Long 5.5 4.5

vs Gen 4.5 5.5

vs Gouken 5-5 or in Dudley’s favor

vs Guile 4.5 5.5

vs Guy 4.5 5.5

vs Hakan 4-6

vs Ibuki 4.5 5.5

vs Juri havnt played juri yet,probably still in Dudley’s favor

vs Ken 5-55

vs M. Bison 5-5

**vs Makoto 5-5 since ultra1 and short swing blow **

vs Oni no fucking clue

vs Rose havnt played a top level rose, but MOST LIKELY it’s 4-6 in Dudley’s favor

vs Rufus 5-5

**vs Ryu 4.5-5.5 **

vs Sagat 4.5-5.5

vs Sakura 5-5 or in Dudley’s favor

vs Seth 5-5

vs T. Hawk havnt played KOG lol

vs Vega havnt played kami yet

vs Yang no clue

vs Yun bullshit

vs Zangief havnt taken to training mode yet. pretty sure it’s in gief’s favor. SSB FADC and duck upper gets Dud outta jail still

dont care what any other Dudley player says

Lol dudley advantage over Rose.

hm. idk how qualified i am for this but here i go.

vs Abel 5-5

**vs Adon **5.5-4.5 adon

**vs Akuma **5.5-4.5 akuma

**vs Balrog **5.5-4.5 balrog

**vs Blanka **6-4 dudley.

**vs C. Viper **6-4 viper

**vs Cammy **5-5

**vs Chun Li **6-4 chun

**vs Cody **5.5-4.5 cody

**vs Dan **5-5

**vs Dee Jay **5.5-4.5 dee jay

**vs Dhalsim **6-4 dhalsim

vs E. Honda 5-5

vs El Fuerte 6-4 dudley

**vs Evil Ryu **5-5

**vs Fei Long **6-4 fei

**vs Gen **5-5

**vs Gouken **5-5

**vs Guile **7-3 guile

**vs Guy **5-5

vs Hakan 6-4 dudley

**vs Ibuki **6-4 ibuki

**vs Juri **5.5-4.5 juri

**vs Ken **5.5-4.5 ken

**vs M. Bison **6-4 bison.

**vs Makoto **5-5

**vs Oni **5-5

vs Rose 6-4 rose

**vs Rufus **5-5

**vs Ryu **5-5

vs Sagat 5.5-4.5 sagat

vs Sakura 5-5

vs Seth 5-5

**vs T. Hawk **not sure tbh.

**vs Vega **5-5

**vs Yang **6-4 yang

**vs Yun **5.5-4.5 yun

**vs Zangief 6-4 gief

vs Evil Ryu 6-4 Dudley
vs Gen 6-4 Dudley
vs Hakan 6-4 Dudley

vs Makoto 5.5-4.5 Dudley

vs Abel 5-5
vs Akuma 5-5
vs Blanka 5-5
vs Cody 5-5
vs Dan 5-5
vs E. Honda 5-5
vs El Fuerte 5-5
vs Gouken 5-5
vs Guy 5-5
vs Ibuki 5-5
vs Oni 5-5
vs Rufus 5-5
vs Ryu 5-5
vs Sakura 5-5
vs Seth 5-5
**vs Vega 5-5 **
vs Yun 5-5

vs C. Viper 5.5-4.5 C.Viper

vs Adon 6-4 Adon
vs Balrog 6-4 Barlog

vs Cammy 6-4 Cammy
vs Dee Jay 6-4 Dee Jay
vs Dhalsim 6-4 Dhalsim
vs Fei Long 6-4 Fei Long
vs Juri 6-4 Juri
vs Ken 6-4 Ken
vs M. Bison 6-4 Bison
vs Sagat 6-4 Sagat
vs T. Hawk 6-4 Hawk
vs Yang 6-4 Yang
vs Zangief 6-4 Gief

vs Rose 6.5-4.5 Rose

vs Chun Li 7-3 Chun-Li
vs Guile 7-3 Guile

vs Abel 5-5

**vs Adon 5-5 **

vs Akuma 5-5

vs Balrog Still think this is in 'Rogs favor. 4-6

vs Blanka 5-5

vs C. Viper Played LAtif plenty of times… really hate it. 4-6

vs Cammy 4.5-5.5

vs Chun Li Played Nashfan’s Chun plently of times, must say the matchup is a little easier then Super. 4.5-5.5

vs Cody 6-4

vs Dan 5-5

vs Dee Jay 5-5

vs Dhalsim 4-6

vs E. Honda played Mr. SNK a few times, matchups much easier. 5-5

vs El Fuerte got raped by iiPeru but I think it’s in Elf’s favor anyway by a block. 4.5-5.5

vs Evil Ryu not sure… will keep it 5-5 for now. Never fought good E.Ryu’s except Checkm8te but I beat him.

vs Fei Long …definitely think this matchup is Dudleys toughest or second toughest. 4-6 though because you can destroy whiffed rekkas with st.HK

vs Gen 5-5

vs Gouken 5-5

vs Guile played Lamerboi a few and Dieminion. I think matchup is slightly less in guile’s favor but 4.5-5.5

vs Guy 5-5

vs Hakan 6-4 unoiled

[SIZE=5]vs Ibuki 1-9 (thanks mowr)[/SIZE]

vs Juri 4-6.

vs Ken 5-5

vs M. Bison 4.5-5.5 much easier now.

vs Makoto 5-5

vs Oni …idk. will say 5-5 for now, never fought a good Oni.

vs Rose 5.5-4.5 rose is VERY free on wake up. Rose can do anything, not even EX Spirals, backdash.

vs Rufus 6-4

vs Ryu 6-4

vs Sagat 5-5

vs Sakura 4-6

vs Seth 4-6 not sure, but gonna say 4-6… I can’t find good legit Seths.

vs T. Hawk 5-5

vs Vega 4-6

vs Yang 4-6

vs Yun 5-5

vs Zangief 3.5-6.5 horrible… just horrible with u2 stocked…

mellow, mind talking a bit more about the guile MU? i’m curious as to why you think it’s that close.

meter building nerfed, damage nerf, u2, i finally can gounder guiles f.HP with cr.MP > mp MGB, no meter building means free wake up > baiting flash kicks. Once he’s in the corner, guile cant do anything at all. f.HP > guile when meaty, puts him on straight down back motion = guile aint shit in AE.

hm… that’s it?

what can guile do? sonic boom > cr.HP if you jump, sonic boom > st.FP if you duck. sonic boom > cr.MK / st.FP if you duck? what else you want? you wanna thunderbolt him so you can be in the corner and he’s midscreen again? matchup is more than 2x easier than super. lol come on, please. ending strings with lp mgb > guile, because you’re up close. if you see guile standing in the middle of lp mgb, that means he can’t flash kick , you’ll fuck his shit up right there.

well i mean… how would you get around all that?

you block and walk forward. you block and walk forward until you’re in st.HP range or get him into the corner, it stuffs everything, even his st.HP if you counter poke. nothing more guile can do except try to backthrow you and you’re going to reset the match. I didn’t think cr.MP beats guiles f.HP when in range, but after a few matches with some good guiles, they can’t do shit right after except walk back or block or lol fash kick.

damn… that’s what i was afraid you’d say. thought there was something i was missing in that regard. ah well.

lp mgb > cr.LP > cr.MP… guile is done. exposed flash kicing guiles. take the round, have a nice day.

9-1 to Ibuki.

I agree, i should change that.

Why do you think Gief is so horrible?

wtf? dudley beats ibuki that bad? explain

TO Ibuki. And no it’s not that bad but it’s still a fuckstupid matchup. Imagine Rose with slightly worse footsies, a DP and Akuma vortex on wakeup.

This. After playing against DaggerG, another really good Guile in the US, I do not fear this matchup at all anymore. straight up even to me.