Dudley Frame Data from Proma Guide


http://www.levelup-series.com/cicada/SSF4_DudleyFrames.pdf :rock:

thanks to Thanks to Protokoll for the guide, and skerj for compiling.

Sweep -8 on block?That is not very safe at all.Also, does the overhead REALLY have 15 frames startup?That is only one frame faster than sakura’s overhead.It looks much faster than 15 frames.Some framedata doesnt seem right at all.Reports said sweep is safe on block.

DUDE. Party starter/s.HK is 4 frame START UP. The shit that goes into all of his damage is 4 frame start up. A hard attack that cancels into big damage and 4 frames? FFFFUUUUUU!!

But only does 80 damage and 160 stun.Although it’s hitbox seems pretty good.Also Ryu’s crouching and close standing hard punches and also come out in 4 frames but do 100 damage and 200 stun, but his cr.hp has a smaller hitbox it seems.Is sweep really -8 and is overhead really 15?If overhead is that fricking slow I will be very dissapointed.

It’s an overhead, that shit’s always slow. Also yeah his sweep is unsafe, but you can juggle with it. Also also, it’d be weird if a cl.hp move didn’t have fast start up, cause it only works point blank. This shit has range AND is cancelable. Capcom is clearly looking out for Duds.

But what i mean about his overhead is that I can’t react to it, but can EASILY react to Sakura’s which is only 1 frame slower, so basically not distinguishable by the human eyes.It looks faster than 15 frames.

15 frames for overhead is pretty damned quick. Viper’s overhead is like 20 frame start up and people get hit by it all the time.

it’s tougher to react to just cos of the animation. he’s not really doing anything that jumps out at your eye for the first few frames. the best lows in tekken are like that as well.

These numbers don’t seem right. I’m sure sweep is safe on block…

-8 IS safe on block at a proper sweep range, most sweeps, even the safer ones have big disadvantage on block, you shouldn’t be doing them in range where they can punished by jabs or whatever.

15 frame start up is mad fast for an overhead as well, that’s a quarter of a second. A lot of people can barely react to anything at all in 15 frames, let alone read an overhead.

i’m glad someone agrees

This. That atleast looks pretty fine to me. -8 on block for a sweep isn’t too bad either.

sweep isn’t safe at all. I was able to tag Dudley at max range with cr.foward/strong with Claw.

Cr.foward has 8 frame startup in vanilla.

Closer in I was able to punish with U2.

At a little inside max range I could cr.strong with Blanka. Deejay could mk/hk super but nothing else I tried worked.

It it mostly safe because it pushes you so far back, and most characters don’t have moves that go that far that are fast enough to tag him.

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lol at people talking about 15 frames is slow.

15 frames for an ambiguous animation is right on the borderline of human reaction…it is plenty fast.

Guy’s overhead is also 15 frames.He can’t combo after, but i thought Dudley’s overhead was supposed to be the fastest in the game.

So yeah Sweep IS unsafe on block in this game, the numbers are right. That’s a BIG change to Dudley’s game…

Also, good to see epsilon_ back in town!

Okay, I can confirm that the start ups for both Ultras are wrong. They are both 1+7.

Yeah I had noticed that too. It takes some getting used to seeing that. Crouching forward I was used to be unsafe, but crouching roundhouse kind of hurts the heart alittle.

I don’t see what’s the obsession with Dudley’s cr. :hk:. Just do cr. :lk:, cr. :lp:, st. :hk: xx EX Machine gun blow if you want a low hit. Jet Upper or Ducking Upper if you don’t have meter.