Dudley Frame Data from Proma Guide

Well it was +1 on block or 3rd strike (i think) so now being not only punishable, but -8 punishable is pretty harsh.I mean Capcom made the juggles into sweep hard saying that it was too ridiculous to have 3rd strike juggle on a sweep that IS SAFE ON BLOCK. But it is not and Capcom is lying their asses out.Again…Like when they said dead body hits are still in…

It’s not an obsession, it’s that the sweep was so good. In 3S, you could poke low from afar and hit low on opponent’s wakeup whilst out of throw range AND would still be safe on block.

Oh well new game, new strats!

Yeah that was the main thing. I am getting my copy today to test things out. But honestly just going off of what I know I would most likely use cr lk, standing mk chain as my low hit confirm. And I will use the cr lk, cr mp, cr hp chain when I have a super stocked,

Ryu’s sweep in vanilla was like -13. -8 isn’t anything too bad for a sweep. Having a “safe” sweep in a game that has parry is a bit different.

you are comparing apples and oranges

Ryu’s sweep is rather a combo finisher.

in Dudley’s case his sweep is a combo starter.

And Ryu’s sweep has 5 start up not 14 like Dudley

who the hell cares about dudleys sweep? do you guys see the other tools he has access to?

It’s a long range sweep…THAT LAUNCHES.Frree combo starter.I care about it.

sweep is way way way worse in this game compared to 3s…like not even close.

but being able to combo s.rh xx ex mgb off c.lk is kinda crazy too though.

coming from 3s it’s something that takes a bit of getting used to. c.lk’s hitstun also takes getting used to. straight up j.fp being some weird upward move also takes getting used to…j.rh serves that purpose now.

j.fp in general is pretty bad compared to 3s, you basically always want to do j.rh.

another big big change is how f+mk works, it’s a slow move (8 frames i think?) and is +3 on block, so doing multiple f+mk is really bad, unlike 3s. you wanna basically just c.lk/c.jab after this to score counter hits, or throw. trying to do an overhead after making your opponent block anything in sf4 generally doesnt work because people are constantly mashing on something.

hes a really different character than 3s, him being primarily based on doing links into an unsafe move (ex mgb) is going to take some getting used to though, for sure.

Jay this is so the truth. Even his pokes dont work the same.

since f+mk frame advantage is +5 on hit, and standing hk is 4 frame start up does that mean that f+mk~ s.hk is a 1 frame link? in another thread some guy says its 2 frames.

4 frame startup means it hits on the 4th frame, so you’ve got 2 frames to link it

right on, good to know. I have been plinking it and then I just read another thread where some guy said plinking doesn’t work in super. Its pretty easy to hit. I did a lot of 1 frame links in sf iv and the 2 frame seems like… twice as easy.

I cant seem to open the pdf of dudleys frame data. Arrrg.

can anyone offer another link

This thread should be deleted so people don’t believe this garbage. This frame data was pulled out of someones ass.

Dudley’s super can be safejumped, so it comes out in 4 frames, unless they changed safejumps in ssf4
Also corkscrew cross comes out in 3 frames or less, not EIGHT lol. Get this garbage out of here.