Dudley Apparel

Anyone know where I can purchase a Dudley t shirt?

that would be nice. I was able to find a few shirts that say “Keep it classy” on it. Although most of them had some lame pictures like a cocktail glass or something

Sadly, no

[media=youtube]qK5RiRJ7ADQ[/media] Do it yourself (Only requires bleach / razor blade / paper )

[media=youtube]lX7E0E5H_x0[/media] There’s always Skreened. Probably the best option.
SKREENED - Ethical Custom Apparel

You can also go to NYC (around broadway) and find an artist to make one for you as well.

OMG thats sick, how to i buy that lol

holy fuck

do want

DUDE?! WHERE? I’d buy one even if it’s over $50+ seriously…

lol, sorry guys. I just threw that mock together in photoshop in literally like 3 mins. You can even see the text on the inside of the shirt near the neck that I didn’t bother erasing :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, if I had a higher quality image of dudley to work with…

…I don’t like you. That’s not cool. :slight_smile:

I thought it was understood when my link said “Sadly, no” :slight_smile:

actually, I didn’t. lol

Only officially licensed one was the SSF4 Dojo Edition with the Dudley tee. :frowning:

Capcom released a Super Street Fighter IV Dojo Edition which included a red T-shirt with an image of Dudley standing in front of the British flag, tossing a rose (his official SSFIV image with the Union Jack behind him). The Dojo Edition was pricey, but I had to order it for the Dudley shirt.

I know it’s of no help to you now, but maybe the shirt will pop up on eBay. Good luck!

Edit: Sorry, after I posted I noticed that tonylew already posted about the Dojo set. Sorry, tonylew.

Update: I got a more stylized version running through my dryer right now. I’ll post pics when a shirt has been run.

It’s a single color print but is still pretty classy (CMYK separations cost money!) :wink:

Well, I hope you’re all happy. I spent the better part of my day off back at the shop working…


Now that’s high class style! Nicely done.

Just to give this a mini bump for all those interested, I told the people over in SRK Fan Art subforum that if I got enough interest (say, ten people) then I would do a limited run of prints. Check this thread for more info. If you guys want it- you’ll get it!

EDIT: Posted in the wrong thread lol…

I got the Dudley with the UK flag background from the Special Edition (a friend gave it to me).

i have a small silkscreening shop, ive been wanting to print some dudley shits, only havent had the chance but now that you mentioned it, i’d take some ideas for a shirt. i’ll print it see how it looks. let me know if anyone would like a sample, maybe we can sale em.