Duckie the Self Aware Duck

Okay, I think it’s time Duckie got his own thread, so here it is for any of you that may have missed a couple. Brand new duckie at the bottom. And a new one every Thursday (New Zealand time :stuck_out_tongue: )

Waltz yes I know

Haha i had a great laugh on the second to last strip. great job and hope to see more SAD

Cheers Chain and SFMC

Here’s this weeks

YES! I’m glad you’re makin more of these, Cap. I laughed my ass off on SVC when I first saw them. :tup: Funny stuff man, keep’um comin.


only crit would be that I had to figure out the thought bubble with the one-legged duck on the phone. Everything else is easy to read.

yeah what rook said. The one legged duck took me a sec to read. Well written and illustrated stuff here man. i think what you can also do is put a title or even just a number somewhere on the strips so the viewers can better refer to them.

Glad you dig em’ Kando, did you notice the hidden Duckie in your Birthday picture?

Good call about the last one Rook, I might redraw that little scene with the one legged Duck calling up the Department of Con servation.

I might start numbering each one from now on. Only for the web ones though not for print. Cheers for the tip DF, glad you like em’.

I need to do 24 before I can apply for Syndacation. So you’ll definitely see more of Duckie, myabe even some extra large “Sunday” Strips.

just wondering… have you seriously thought out the pros and cons of syndication, Cpt? I mean, there is a reason why BIll Watterson and Gary Larson avoided it like the plague…

Duckie is awesome =D.

That rock is great, lol.

Keep up the awesome comics, I look forward to one every week now =D.

RANT WANING!!! :wink:

This is a really good point Rook and something I’ve been debating with myself. Bill Watterson (Probably my most biggest influnece) got REALLY burnt by Syndication, mainly because they syndicate wanted Calvin and Hobbes on T-Shirts, coffee mugs etc… Also Calvin and Hobbes was very popular with bootleggers and this really upset him. Gary Larson even has a letter on his Syndicates site asking people to stop ripping off his work.

Syndicates average cut is 50%… OUCH! But they also have the ALL the contacts. It costs a newspaper something stupid like $30 US to run a strip per week so you can see how making a living from self syndication is pretty much impossible.

My other option is to self syndicate to weekly publications and charge more. Or get an exclusive deal with one publication but thet means no duckie for anyone else (i.e. you guys) which would suck.

I’m going to throw a package together and send it to the all the big syndicates and see if I get a bite. They get on average 3000 submissions a year and on take 3 titles on board each year so I’ll just try my luck. If I’m really lucky and a few show interest the syndicate that lets me retains the most rights will probably get Duckie.

Thanks for your concern Rook :slight_smile: Good to know the SRK posse hve got Duckies back :wink:

And GunFlameburi, cheers for tuning in. It’s only gonna get more bizzare each week. :smiley:

Duckie 12


Late Duckie, Sorry:

I also miss numbered them. Who knows, Maybe I’ll put an 11 in soon. Also updating Duckie and Angry One legged Duck gag (“Hoppy”?) to make it more clear.

I thought I’d post this since everyones probably thought of it already:

New Duckie this thursday.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: This ducky is very cute:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Dood this’s as good as the one shirt with the keg that says ‘iParty’. :tup:

LOL Classic :smiley:

This weeks Duckie:

I’ve also edited Number 10 to make it more clear, thanks for the tips guys here it is:


good job on the redrawn strip, works much better now

^Cheers Rook :slight_smile:

And this week:

Haha. good one man. ^