Duckie the Self Aware Duck

Cheers for the Feedback Star250!!!


I love these a lot! I have a suggestion though, might not be a good one, but dating your work is much much more efficent, you think? At the top right you can date your work like 06-05-24 etc. That way you’ll know what year it was in and day etc. Just my suggestion…

Love the duck! I hope you can get it in all newspapers around the world

Great stuff.

Chrno, That is a good call. I’m unsure of the exact format they use in the papers so I might leave it blank till I find out the deal.

Xjester, Glad to meet a new duckie fan :slight_smile:

Duckie 17

Dedicated to Bruce Lee

Here’s this weeks Duckie:

Duckie 18

And a special bonus the missing Duckie 11! Rock the Self Aware Rock ONE SHOT SPECIAL!!!

My tablets starting to crap out a bit. I’ll have to get a new one if Duckie ever makes me rich and famous.

Here’s number 19:

Only 4 more to go and two Sundays to go and then I start sending stuff away to all the syndicates. I got a few more characters to add before then though.

LMAO!!!:rofl: Duckie stips #.7 & #.14 are the funniest, kudos to you.

Lastly, the strips with the photorealistic ducks was excellent at showing your range which is wise if you want syndication.:smile:

These are great! have you found a way to start labeling them with dates?

Also, I want to request for Duckie to be alone in some comments, without Rock. lol, but just a fan request…

DUCKIE = awesome

“Duckie alone in some comments” What do you mean? Duckie by himself without Rock bringing him down? Good to hear your still following our web footed friends adventures and having a laugh. :slight_smile:

White Shadow
Did you know that’s a Peter Gaberial song?
Anyways, cheers for the comments. Number 7 still gets the most laughs. I’ve got a few ideas up my sleve that’ll hopefully top that one.

Thanks for reading guys!

New Duckie every Thursday :slight_smile:

lol, I meant, Duckie alone in his own comics**, lol I definitely love this, it’s great. You should make some without rock…like

“What am I gonna do with rock today…” “Where is he…” or etc. lol,

And awesome! new duckie every thursday! lol

Good work.

Peter Gabriel song??? Sorry I don’t understand?:confused:

Peter Gabriel wrote a song called “White Shadow” Not a bad song actually, off his second solo album after leaving Genesis.

Chrno, I did one where Duckie looks for Rock. Don’t worry Duckie is bound to do a solo performance one of these days.

Anyways here is Duckie 20

Thanks for posting all :smiley:

good one ;D

suggestion: You might consider using a thinner pen when outlining objects far in the background – helps to reinforce the distance aspect, esp when you’ve got a scene like the final panel with all the rocks :slight_smile:

Good call about the lines Rook. Might fix it later.

And for anyone not in the know Waldo is Wally in America as in “Where’s Wally/Waldo”

Duckie 21


Cheers to 4neqs and Rook for spotting the mistake. I am really grateful, this is the 3rd edit. Man I’m a dumbass! A free Duckie Request for both of you!

I’m working on some more characters to join the Duckie Cast. Maybe a little red haired kid and a bird watcher. Any new character begins a new arch so I’m doing alot doodling at the moment.

Ah, it’s always good seeing, “last new post by cptmunta” in this thread, it’s always nice to come back and laugh, gj mate

Oh “White Shadow” CptMunta, never heard of it but I guess I got to. lol:lol:

I only come to this section for my MSpaint thread and this! Top Tier.:cool:

Thanks for the posts you guys, It really perked me up. I felt a bit bummed about the way the last Duckie turned out. Glad you had a laugh. Cheers Fellas!

Here’s this weeks Duckie, sorry it’s a bit late:

Duckie 22

Thanks to everyone who pointed out the mistake.

If you don’t get the last bit, Stone skipping across ponds is called Stone skimming in New Zealand english.

Thanks for tuning in guys :smiley:

I think you’re missing an “I” in the last panel?
“I said I was a sinker…”


This shit is awesome, why have I never seen this before? Getting the previous ones now… :smiley:

Cheers for the spelling correction, Photoshop needs a spell check for dumbasses like me.

And thanks Mikee_Showbiz, new Duckie every Thursday :slight_smile:

Here’s this weeks Duckie:

Duckie 23

Dedicated to my late Great Aunt Sheila who died this week. And gave me a fantastic idea for this little story arch when I spoke to her in hospital. Take care Auntie.