Drunken Street Fighter

I think we can all agree that a great many of us have played a few rounds of Street Fighter after a night of drinking or after you smoke a joint/bowl/whatever (unless all those guys I play on live named xxxxxxx420 are liars). What I wanna know, is do you play differently? Different characters? Different strategies? Do you avoid ranked/championship?

btw, drunken blanka is FUN. I swear, I get nearly telepathic with that fuzzball after a night of binge drinking

I’m always worse under the influence… well I guess it depends on the character.

Dan’s *true * potential can only be unlocked when you play him drunk… piss drunk.

I’m pretty damn shit sober.
But when I’m stoned I become one with my character :wgrin: (Doesn’t necessarily mean I play any better though :looney:)

420 is a stoner thing. I believe it was first implimented because Marley died on April 20th? I think anyways… nonetheless, it’s a stoner thing and the general “time to get high” time of the day.

i used to play after a smoke but not really anymore. my title is still ‘half baked’ because there isnt really anything else that suits me. i used to play better i think but its hard to judge when everything just seems better anyway :confused:

In my mind, I kick so much ass when im high.
My friends say different though :rofl:

Drunk SFIV (and fighting games in general) is almost always better than sober SFIV/Fighting games, don’t even try to deny it.

EDIT: of course I’m probably a lot worse when I’m drunk… so maybe it balances out.

i remember when i use to brag about things like this… then i turned 14

Cool story bro:tup:

I have never played fighting games drunk, but by contrast I have never played TF2 or L4D sober, rofl.

And I’m not very functional after a bowl or two… I’m a light smoker :looney:

I only play HD Remix after tossing several back! I play SF4 pretty bad already and playing it drunk just makes it seem funny! If anyone ever plays me on a Saturday night after 11pm Central time, then I am wasted beyond words.

haha true.

but brownbagging something at CTF on friday or saturday night before a show is the dopeness.

I used to play a lot of mvc2 and ggx drunk, shit was a blast. There are even a few vids on youtube with me playing drunk out my mind. Haven’t played any drunken sf4 yet.

Psh anyone that plays El Fuerte is always drunk.

SF actually feels slow to me when I’m playing high. I analyze the situation a lot more…and I become a lot more creative. The first time I did crossup mk.lp.hp hhs fadc ochio was when i was high…haha

Hm, know exactly what you’re talking about jhonsok . I’ll enter another zone when I’m playing high. My hands/fingers get looser and I’ll start pulling combo variations on the fly. The only bad part about getting zoned out is that I forget that the controller is in my hands and usually struck in awe at some of the combos coming out.

And when I do remember, I’ll end up going into a completely klutz mentality. :rofl:

Cant say i ever played drunk, but i played my cousin who gets piss drunk. Yet he is by far the worst player ever when it comes to SF, yes when he gets blasted hes a decent player cause neither of us know what the hell he is gonna do next.

I play far worse when I’m high or shitfaced drunk. I play mostly at night, and always smoke at night so that kind of sucks…but I’ll live with it :wgrin:

I play better with a little beer in me though… just enough to get that buzz where you aren’t thinking and just react

I think SF is kind of like pool as far as drinking goes. 1, 2, 3 beers usually helps me out a bit. Just enough that I quit worrying so much, but not enough that I’m actually impaired.

Not even close. It was a group of college kids that met every day after class on a stoop to smoke. Their classes ended at 4:20. Turned into a code they’d use on the phone or in letters and just spread.