Drunk teen kills 4, gets probation because of the excuse that he was too privileged.WOW

Texas, sir, mam, whatever the fuck, get your shit together. holy ball sack

I cant even build myself to write my usual 3 paragraphs to that. i mean wow, what a message to send to the world, especially the victims, and citizens of your town or city. just be young and rich enough to say you were too privileged, and we will give you probation for manslaughter on 4 people after drinking underage.

im seriously mind fucked :confused:

Fucking red states.

So being rich is abuse now, hu? Poor assholes. :tdown:

I am so fucking mad right now.

Just6 god fucking dammit our justice system is terrible.

I don’t know why but this terrible shit reminded me of this scene

Like please save the poor innocent reckless murderer and his mudding truck and his disregard for anything but himself, from his terrible parents money. PLEASE BABY JESUS WILL SOMEONE LOOK OUT FOR THIS RICH WHITE BOY!!! THINK OF HIS FUTURE AS A REVOLVING DOOR SUBSTANCES ABUSER!!!

Hey now, some of our nation’s great leaders and legislators, from Ted Kennedy to Dubya Bush, were drunk driving, manslaughtering asshats. The Lonestar state just did the world a favor.

I hope that kid gets run over by someone who suffers from being underprivileged. Like maybe some inner city children of promise, but without the necessary means for a - necessary means for a higher education.

I can’t even fathom how this defense managed to work in court. Were the prosecutors not even trying or is the judge out of their mind? I just can’t even. Imagine flipping this on its head and have some 16 year old plead that they grew up too poor to know right from wrong. This is just beyond reckoning. I mean what kind of legal precedent does this set?

Why does SRK love topics like this? We know, the world is a fucked up place.

Its like you guys get a hard on about the injustices of the world.

because it’s fun to make fun of Texas and Florida

Back in the day we used to make jokes about France.

I guess I’m getting old.


Very justice.

Such up fuckery.

Seriously though, that’s some weak sauce defence and it WORKED?!

Da fawk!!?

Thanks in part to the defense slipping the jury a few of dem greenz.

So, how much did these bastards pay the judge for that bullshit verdict?

Fucking disgusting, its like one law for the rich and another for everyone else.

Wow there’s a scientific term for being spoiled

I’m quite disgusted by this news.

Please Texas…hurry up and secede.

I think poor kids would be quick to learn about the consequences of their actions. They have to be street smart to survive in the hood that long.

This dipshit kid should be living behind bars. Isolate him from society.

Send his parents to jail then…

This is the same state that sent a 17-year-old that worked two jobs to take care of her sister after their parents bailed and held honor roll in AP classes to jail for truancy. I am not surprised.