Drug Test!! Dx

I have a drug test tomorrow and I have been smoking like crazy! :frowning: I was going to have one of my brothers urine in a pill bottle for me and just put it in my purse. But reading some things online people started talking about temperature of urine and other things the test check for.

Long story short! How do I pass this damn test!!? I need this job!

You don’t.

Wtf does that mean!!?

It means you don’t get the job and the discussion is over.

Well, you try those cleansers that you can get from smoke shops. I’m not sure if they work though.

For the love of God some better advice would be appreciated!

Sup Beguiled.

I thought about it, but do you really think It would work in one day? I have to take the test tomorrow.

Okay…don’t smoke pot when you are looking for a job.

I’m not sure if it can work within one day. You should Google it. :smiley: LOL.

stupid OP is stupid

I know I fucked up, but I didn’t expect them to call so soon.

Well, that’s what happens when you take that risk. :slight_smile:

On top of those cleansers, you can also drink lots of apple juice or just lots of water. I don’t really know if these methods work, though.

Care to explain how that works with a female?

Either stop smoking weed so you can get a job like an adult or be the kind of trash that spends half of their day going to the gas station for blunt wraps.

its clearly OP chose wisely

Must be crack…

Noo never went/thought going that far. Just simple old Mary Jane…