Dreamcast arcade stick?

Alright, I got quite a few questions.

So I keep reading the X-Arcade sucks. It gets great reviews, but all the fighting game enthusiasts seem to hate it. Is the X-Arcade only good on the PC? Or does it suck at everything? What are your guy’s opinion of the Agetec stick? I’m not too into the idea of building my own stick. Mas Systems Super Pro Stick caught my eye, are they good? Do all of their different designs have different sticks and buttons, or just different layouts? What’s the difference between concave and convex buttons? What buttons do you guys prefer? Which buttons are more accurate to the American Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 arcade cabinets?

1.)xarcades are laggy and shit sucks not worth it.
2.) i just bought an agetec for $50, they’re good for modding with real japanese parts
3.)MAS sticks are good
4.)yes different sticks buttons and layouts, theres two primary types its obvious when you visually see them.
5.) if you like american mvc2 cabs
get a MAS stick

-Agetec is a great DC stick from what I hear. You can swap out the stick and buttons for Sanwa/Seimitsu parts and make it even better.

-X-Arcade sticks just suck. Period. They apparently have terrible lag and god knows what else.

-MAS makes arguably the best American style joysticks. They use Happ parts (the stuff people use in arcade cabinets.) If you’re going to buy one for a DC, get it made for PS2 and go buy a PS2 -> DC converter. I’ve heard that there are problems with DC MAS sticks.

-MAS gives you 3 joysticks to choose from (I think): Ultimate, Competition, and Perfect 360. Competition and P360 sticks are the most popular of the 3. The competition stick is looser than the p360 and uses microswitches. The p360 is fully optical, so it’s very smooth, but some have complained that it is too stiff. Again, there is no best. It’s all personal preference.

-Concave or convex is totally personal preference. It’s just how the button is shaped. Most people would advise you to pick convex because that’s what most arcades use, but pick what you feel most comfortable with.

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You have the same problem I had just recently.

I recently gotten back into the game and have been in a big hunt to search for sticks.

I HAVE an X-Arcade, and I can tell you, boy that shit sucks. I need the American Layout, long stick, straight button layout. I just bought an Agetec cuz I found a stick in Taiwan for cheap $15 American dollars. (I also found another one for $10, but the short button doesn’t work… maybe i should’ve bought it and fix it).

The concave vs convex layout… Concave is more like what you get in the casual arcades aroudn town. But the convex is crucial for certain type of mashing that people do. To me, it doesn’t matter, cuz the way I mash is relatively the same. But it feels better on a convex. For MVC2’ers, when mash is actually important and part of the game.

Because I foudn out I just plain suck on J-style layout/stick recently, when I went on a HRAP (Hori real arcade pro sticks) and really test-run it out, I have difficulty executing alot of Mag’s move (and Mag’s my favorite character). So I went with the MAS, which I’ve played on before on a buddy’s.

Go with the MAS. Or go custom. Forget the Japanese styles unless you prefer it (actually most people do, just not me).

Yeah, convex sounds better. I read about the buttons, and read that American concaves have to travel down, while convexes are instant. I was reading about Japanese sticks and how they have the square thing, that sounds horrible for QCF moves (Magneto is also my favorite character). I wouldn’t mind a balltop stick without the square thing though. Hhhmm…

theres no such thing as a convex layout or a concave for that matter, those are button types. japanese sticks have square gates yea, but thats because the stick relies on minimal precise movements as opposed to the jackhammering that are happs. you can get a battop for the japanese sticks as well as a octagonal gate (so it has 8 corners) even then if you like american sticks you probably wont like the super sensitive jap sticks.

Options options…

Maybe I’ll get a Mas stick with all American parts and modify an Agetec with those Japanese parts (if it’s an easy mod to do) to try both out.

Mas Systems is like a 30 minute drive from where I live, I should drive there and have a look around.

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Actually, I recently made the switch from American to Japanese style sticks. Playing MvC2 on my HRAP2 is really not that bad. In fact, I find it more comfortable with the ergonomic placement of the buttons. It makes doing the ROM infinite a lot easier for me =). Also, rushing people down takes a less effort on my HRAP2 than on my friend’s MAS because of the small dead space of Japanese sticks.

QCF moves on a square gate is really not that bad. If it really does bother you, you can always opt to buy an octagonal gate for a Sanwa.

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its all just about personal preference really.

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On a slightly different subject, isn’t there a Sanwa/Seimitsu stick with a circular gate that’s a decent fighter stick? I remember reading something like that, but I’m too lazy to search. Too busy enjoying my cereal :rofl:

I bring this up because Chase could use this if he can’t quite cope with the octagon or square restrictor.

Edit: Wait, nvm. I think I found it. Sanwa’s JLW series with a GT-0 restrictor.

Nah, it’s not a simple matter of just swapping out the parts. The button holes are actually slightly too small, and you need to sand down the base to fit the joystick in. Someone’s already done a mod at http://www.tychom.org/stick/

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So I’ll need a PlayStation 2 Mas stick and a PS2 to Dreamcast converter right? I’ll probably also get a PS2 to USB converter so I can play you know what (I won’t say it just in case it’s illegal here).

Just in case you didn’t know…

For PS2 -> DC, you should buy a Total Control Plus. I think they’re the best converters next to an Innovation converter (which are REALLY rare).

PS2 -> USB, the radioshack brand (PCdream adapter I think) or a Wind Spirit (if you can find one.

Thanks! :smiley:

Yeah, I agree with the Total Control Plus. I have one, and there’s no lag whatsoever, plus it has VMU support. I use a HRAP1 & 2 on my DC and haven’t had any issues.

Ahh, good to hear. I just bought a pair for myself, but I haven’t had the chance to test them yet.

i have an innovation
my gripe is i cant combo c.mk to blanka ball easily on dc but i can do it easy on ps2.