Dreamcast arcade stick?

haha i was able to do it like nothing ^^

Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

I’ve decided to go with a PS2 Mas stick with a competition joystick and concave buttons, and get a Total Control Plus and PS2 to USB from Radioshack.

Anybody done the seimitsu mod on agetec? In the guide the stick looks like its sitting to low.

Hey, I was wondering. Evo uses Mas sticks right? Do they use PS2 Mas sticks and PS2 -> DC converters for Dreamcast games at Evo?

evo doesnt provide sticks only converters
i’ve seen ps2 and dc mas sticks as well as ps2 only mas sticks being used

I see. I still haven’t found anything more recommended than the Total Control Plus yet, and from what I have read it still seems like it’s just as good as the Innovation. The things I’ve read about the Radio Shack PS2 -> USB converter don’t look so good though, but so far EMS Trio Linker Plus seems to be the most recommended. Sorry that I keep asking all this stuff over and over again, but I’m just double checking by asking again and researching a lot just to make sure I get the right / best stuff (reliable and no lag, but mainly no lag).


my god can’t you look in the Essential Joystick thread?

its a sticky!

agreed… people just can’t use the search functionality… this and other questions have been unnecessarily asked way too many times in countless threads.

I have a quick question about the dc agetec stick:

how much does it weight ? (unmodified)

I used search function but coudn’t find it.