Doylestown PA - THIRD STRIKE PARTY @ Siren Records / Diaper Farm

:pray: Siren Records 3S Head to Head Cab :pray:


25 E State Street
1st Floor
Doylestown, PA 18901


HOURS: Mon - Thurs 11am - 9pm Fri 11am - 10pm Saturday 10am - 10pm Sunday 11am - 7pm


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THIRD STRIKE PARTY! - Casual videos updated over time. Check it.

Let the games begin!!

Great news!

Very nice. I look forward to bringing the pain with my XBOX controller


Almost forgot, can any of the PS2s play imports (Vampire!)?

why you make me buy an Xbox stick…

i has no money…

why you make me hate you…

also take Soul Calibur 3 off the list no one wants to play that broken crap, instead put Soul Calibur 2 on there, i will supply a copy

i’ll see if my old PS2 still works, in which case yes

Woot!! im so there!! one thing i didnt notice, are these every night through the summer?!

DB, thanks for bringing back!!

Nah, it’s just on Mondays only Hiro.

:rofl: sorry 1der about da xboxs. Dems the rules. I have an extra stick I’m probably modding to work with xbox360 and ps2 so you can borrow that. If not I’m sure you’ll be abel to borrow other sticks? YE-AH :clown:

Looking forward to a summer of fun! See you guys there.

no worries. i’ve been looking into modding my ps3 fight stick to work on X-box and PS2. just might end up being cheaper to buy a hori stick for xbox.

Is there a cost to participate?

BTW, no Smash Bros?!?! :arazz: (lol, jk)

I guess i’ll have to make an appearance for at-least one of these Lol.:encore:

Hiro there’s no cost to play since it’s on a monday… as for smash, yeah we have it I just don’t want to advertise it lol.

Dream, when you do come bring Comeback with you!!

Yo Keith we should have a rubber match for CVS2 so I can take back that copy of Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. My Ratio 4 Geese vs your whole team. I think the match will go something like… THIS: [media=youtube]q81ptFSA4mk"[/media]

lol why? hes so sad face :frowning: lol j/k knizzle i’ll see if he’ll want to come.

i was just kidding about smash - i know that was somewhat responsible for demise of fight night previously, or so im told :wink:

all kidding aside why play smash, when you can play SF4 instead.

i am interested in some KOF12 and Blazblue action too.

i’ve been drooling over KOF12 vids.

I believe smash bros is what caused fight night to originally suspend - it took over the “real” fighters in popularity at Cyborg 1, and the nights started turning more and more “interesting”. Again, from what I learned at the last local tournament. Not surprising as Im sure the demo for Smash bros is QUITE different from that of old school fighters (i.e. immature vs mature).

Im sorry i may get flamed, but its probably true.

Yeah it’s pretty much true, I guess Iapetus gave you the story at DC2. Smash will most likely be there but as long as we have a strong street fighter group (which we will) it’ll be fine. Let’s make the kids play sf4! I’ll teach em how to play Zangief :devil:

Yeah 1der, I’m excited for KOF XII too, looks sweet. Plus Elizabeth is in the console version!

On a side note, to put the Wii’s to better use does anyone have a copy of TvC? I really want to give it a shot despite me hearing the game being so-so, I can’t pass up the oppurtunity for aerial rave Alex!

Yes, SF4 is an excellent substitute for smash. Teehee.

I’ll play KOF XII when it comes out. It looks promising.

Iapetus reminded me to check SRK yesterday, I’ll totally be there!