Don't Trade It In! EVER

I was just at my local EBGames (GameStop) in Canada and wanted to know the trade-in value for SF4, just in case, and I found out it is now worth $4.00. That’s right FOUR DOLLARS! So I think it’s OK to say don’t trade it in, mainly because you get something special for having both SF4 and SSF4. Or so Capcom says…

yeah i heard about that.

I plan on keeping it, you never know when you wanna play someone who doesnt have super.

More like Lamestop.

Four dollars? That’s retarded . . .

You could get 30 to 40 when the news of Super first dropped.

They now know Super’s coming, so they have no reason to give you more, as people are likely going to be pawning Vanilla off left and right.

I’m not saying Gamestop isn’t shit, but they’re not exactly nefarious either.


They have to make a profit too.

I noticed that Gamestop, or at least my Gamestop isn’t hyping the game up either.

Its been less than $4 for months.

why would they give you more if they know its gonna fill up their backrooms/stockrooms for the next 3 or 4 years?

Might as well break it two or use it as a coaster.

4 double cheese burgers lawl.

Or actually keep the game.

I still have my old Japanese PS1 copy of Alpha and my Genesis ST is in storage somewhere.

I never trade in ANY games, they give you shit money.
Ebay it if you are desperate, but you won’t get much more than 10$ nowadays.
I say keep it and enjoy the (probably shitty, but whatever) bonus.

Why either way? I’d keep it just in case Capcom keeps their word about a present for people who still have their SF4 disc.

Trade-ins always have sucked. Either finish the game in under a week and put it on Ebay or just add to your collection. I mean yeah they’re earning money but w/e so did Hitler.

I’m surprised they even offer $4 considering the game is going to be useless in a few weeks…

It’d be nice to think there’s something significant that separates SF4 from SSF4. I just don’t know what would create that separation aside from one being > the other. Yet to be determined.

I used to work at EB, and while I would never defend them for the sake of defending them, they do have a good reason in this instance.

Any time an updated version of a game released, absolutely everyone would trade in the old one to upgrade. Sports games were a good example. When '09 came out, we would get a million copies of '08 traded in. They would trade in for like $3 or $4 dollars and everyone would bitch. But the games would sit on the shelves for months taking up space because everyone wanted to play the latest and greatest. It’s not like a shooter or an adventure game where the old one had a completely different setting and plot than the new one. The new one simply had everything the old one had and more. So we would end up having to put them on sale at Christmas for like 99 cents just to clear the inventory.

It sucks that that’s the way it is, but EB has to make a profit. They stopped taking trade-ins for PC games because it just wasn’t profitable. I would rather get $5 for a game I’ll never play again than nothing. And SF4 is worth hanging on to anyways, so I’m ok with it.

Anyways, for that much, you could give SFIV to a friend, or donate it to a Goodwill or something.

It’s a similar thing here for Game (Kinda equivalent of Gamestop…only lamer…)
Take Prototype for example. Trade in value is 5 (About $8 for you guys now) yet they sell it on then in preorder section for 35 (about $50 give or take).
I can only imagine it;s the same for SF since they sell it for about 30 pre-owned.

Hey, has someone mentioned that GS has to make a profit yet? Because if there’s any business running on shoestring margins, it’s GS and it’s altruistic pricing methods for everything else.

I never trade my games in. I consider them little pieces of history, 20 years from now kids in their early 20s will be asking about obscure and strange games such as Bayonetta or Borderlands, the Angry Video Game Nerd Jr. will probably doing a review about them in 2030… I mean, kids who are 15 now are wondering what Resident Evil 1 was like, and that game is only like 13 years old…so I just cant trade my stuff in.

I also have a hard time getting rid of games, no matter how bad they are. They are either nostalgic to me, or a badge of honor of having beaten the piss out of a crappy game.