Don't remove your clear sanwa obsc more than twice from a panel tabs will break!

I just want to give a warning to everyone DON’T REMOVE YOUR CLEARS SANWA’S MORE THAN TWICE FROM A PANEL
I just moved my clears 30mm Sanwa’s from one of Arts plexi’s very very gentle like and broke like 8 of the push tabs they are way way too weak I think I switched buttons once from a VSHG to plexi replacement TE and now I only have like a couple of buttons with all their tabs. Just a warning to you guys pick a case and don’t switch them out leave them in the panel you originally chose!! Thankfully Art does such a great job with his plexi’s the buttons still fit fine without the tabs, it may be because the plexi replacement are decently thick but either way better safe than sorry try to limit the amount of cases you put them in

It is more like “don’t remove them or else they break” for me. I was doing some cleaning maintenance on my LE Red Qanba and decide to remove the buttons and they all broke. This, however, gave me an excuse to buy more buttons.

Are there any snap-ins that don’t do this? I always break those damn tabs.

Isn’t it recommended one use Screw ins for these plexis?

Yeah, this happened to me too. Broke one tab each on four of my buttons :confused:

I have a few snap-ins I’ve removed from panels at least 8 times. Sadly the OBSC have a tendency to break within two removals, like the thread topic :frowning:

You have to do them with likes of genital.

Not surprised, I only deal with Seimitsu PS-14-KNs when dealing with clear buttons but I would imagine the OBSC buttons are close to the clone Mad Catz buttons where the clips snap or get over stressed that there isn’t anymore resistance.

To my knowledge, clear plastic are more fragile than solid plastic. Correct me otherwise.

Sanwa plastic sucks.

maybe that’s why I’m so sore down there all the time nobody ever taught me to be gentle :oops:

That’s for sure I’ve bent back tabs on the standard Sanwa buttons in the past but the clear sanwa’s no way theres no bend in those babies.
I have feeling in the future we will see lots of spare translucent Sanwa plungers floating around

I never installed my OBSC, so I have not experienced the breaking.
But from looking and holding them, I can feel they will break.

Kuya_Joe had his break before.
When he was swapping out.




The ps 14 k buttons are the clears to get if you like to swap buttons a lot. Or screw ins. The ps 14 k is the most solid button I think.

I personally like Seimitsu PS-14-K’s. They can take sanwa switches as well.

Ugh. Wish I read this thread before buying a complete set of OBSCs. Tried transplanting some this morning and broke most of them.

All snap-in buttons are meant to be installed once, just that translucent buttons are a bit more brittle than solid colors.

Yeah yeah. I don’t feel bad resurrecting this thread. I’ve been popping sanwas for well over a decade and never broke a tab. Feels pretty shitty paying a premium for OBSCs and not having ANY disclaimer anywhere saying the tabs are more brittle than normal.