Does this game satisfy the hardcore Tekken fans?

Yeah EWGF, 4 button tekken combos, air & bound combos and tag team action are in the game, but I still don’t have this “crappy” game, so I don’t know if it will satisfy to be “street fighter x tekken” or “street fighter 4.5 w/ special guest characters”

pleas answer before I waste my time

don’t waste your time.

Now, someone please lock this thread.

Maybe you can rent it or get it used and try it out? Only YOU can decide if you like a game or not. It looks like SF4 but plays nothing like it IMO.

And yeah EWGF are :lovin:

Yes for me.

I’m a Tekken player, and I also play 2D fighting games.

This game is ass regardless.

I’m curious to know what the Tekken fan’s perspective is actually.

Yes and no.
I remember when the first CVS came out (I was a 4th grader at the time) and realized something - a lot of the SNK characters where missing certain moves, some of which turned out to be signature moves (Kyo’s other HP flame laced punch and Yamazaki’s command grab Explosive Headbutt to name a few).

In SFxT many of the Tekken characters are also missing quite a few moves - while, much like the SNK characters gain a couple of unique but believable moves. There many noteworthy things like… Hwoarang stance system being oddly missing, Kazuya’s EWGF still being present, Yoshimitsu arguably being one of the weakest characters in the game (this is slowly but surely getting subverted, however thanks to people finding new things on him)…
There could also be some character deterioration/exaggeration that might rub some hardcore Tekken fans the wrong way.

What about stages? There isn’t much, but a few of them do hail from the Tekken series…

This happened in SFIV and MvC3, first “iteration” had a lack of stages. This game lacks Troll Grassland stage from Tekken 6.



Also was hoping they would put in Gold Rush and Lili’s Pink Pop stage from Tekken 5 as well as all of the Tekken Tag stages, which I was really hoping for some remixes of the songs.

Oh god that sheep stage is fun just for randomly sending sheep flying through the air at like 90 MPH with a kick.

And the music.

To the OP, I’m mainly a Tekken player (of no importance mind you) and while I definitely like this game a lot (a bit too early for me to say I love it), if you’re looking for something to scratch the Tekken itch, you’re probably looking for TTT2 or maybe the other half of this collaboration. SFxT has a few things that feel Tekken-ish, but it’s largely SF with Tekken characters mixed in, and Alpha Counters.

Also, while it looks like SF4, it doesn’t play much like that game either. The way I look at it… it’s an interesting take, though flawed.

This pretty much resumes my feeling about the game.

Shit could had been way better.

I am a tekken player. Have been mainly a tekken player my whole life.

This game does absolutely nothing to satisfy a real tekken player.

Tekken player here and my answer is hell no! this game has its fun moments and seeing the tekken cast work in a 2d fighter was a cute little endeavor but in the long run i just can’t stand the actual gameplay of street fighter or 2d fighters in general. no serious tekken fan will be satisfied with this game unless they also like SF, a tekken fan who hates street fighter will loathe this game

I wanted/want to be a competitive Tekken player, but in my area no one seems to ever play it and a lot feel that its too daunting. Just being on the other end of a Tekken player just someone who has been playing the games for a while I’m mixed about the game. I didn’t get much time with it, but most of the Tekken characters don’t feel like Tekken characters to me. The only one that does is Alisa and she’s disc locked anyhow.

There are so many things that could have been done differently that it is not even funny.
I play Tekken actively, and… all I had to say was is that this game gave varying thoughts - I THRIVE on the idea of Tekken characters in a 2D environment! Love it! But, how everything is implemented is just too crazy!
Tekken fans might love a handful of characters, but they might end up hating Capcom leadership because of how some characters are implemented in this game. Nina’s move set is surprisingly stale, character costume are jokes, although some that may look good on them (I enjoy the idea of Asuka being a ninja - a particularly attractive one). The excuses for the characters having these costumes are so bizarre as well. Then there are issues with more character exaggeration, bad English voice acting (Asuka, Kazuya, Law…), among other things.
LOL As I said before… this game is just crazy… So bad, that it’s good… or just bad. I mean, we got neon colors, people trolling online with them, blinding each other, eye’s burning - hell, I can smell my eyes and everyone else’s eyes burning all to hell! I may as well wear a mosaic over my eyes as I fight!

Basic scenario:
Select your character!
Neon Hugo and Neon Kuma vs Neon Ryu and Neon Raven
Select your stage!
Pit Stop 109
Que vs. and players shit talking:
“Neon Colors + Pit stop 109 + Gems = WHAT? WHAT SON??!! SO WHAT CHA’ GON DO??”

Then there are Infinite combos up the ass … whilly nilly… Awkward movements, generally slow walk speeds, assist gems, strangely easy to execute chain combos, grotesque art style, Pandora, Tekken characters missing a couple of singnature moves or strings, the worse alliteration of Megaman, lame ass gimmicks, … If you look at this, it seems as if somebody was smoking loads of weed, as well as taking an excessive amount of drugs as they were creating this game. Capcom leadership should simply stop smoking whatever the hell they are smoking so that they can create some cross-over fighting games with better quality. I mean damn! This arguably one of the most troll-ish fighting game ever made - I can’t really help but to laugh my ass off at the thought of dealing with all of these things that were actually made into an official fighting game. :rofl:

I may as well feel sorry for the Tekken fans… How exactly would a Tekken react to this shit? Or even a fighting game fan? How could you take something like this seriously?
Of course, the reason I was playing this game in the first place was because the Tekken character piqued my interest! (The very first character I used was Jin and Raven).
For obvious reasons, my feelings are mixed.

lol I can even say SC5 feels and plays more like tekken, its a 3D fighter after all.

“street fighter 4.5 w/ special guest characters” is a pretty good description for SFxT

Well, this game wasn’t meant to satisfy “hardcore Tekken fans” who only play Tekken and nothing but Tekken.

This was made clear the minute Ono and Harada announced 2 games, SFxT and TxSF.

The type of fans most likely to enjoy this crossover are the people who are familiar with both franchises.

Or people who just want to try a new game.

I’ll say this though, it’s cool to see the Tekken characters being more expressive and interactive than we’re used to seeing.

Dude, the fact that you have 2 or maybe 3 Street fighter characters who basically SHIT on 90% of the Tekken cast, shows you how this game was handled. And its not even smart counters, is just straight BS.

To be honest, the Tekken characters in this game weren’t really meant to satisfy Tekken players IMO. They are just here to give some sort of familiarity to introduce Tekken fans into the SF universe. The Tekken characters in SFxT hold some essence of their 3D counterparts through some familiar unique strings, but mostly it’s just aesthetics too. Characters like Lars don’t even play any bit similar to T6, while others like Kazuya and Nina have more signature moves that are assigned to about the same buttons in Tekken.

On the contrary, I don’t expect to jump around much in Tekken x Street Fighter to cross people up and do stuff. It’s gonna be pretty interesting to see how SF characters play out.

Same reaction I’m gonna have when I try a shoryuken in TxSF. Why isn’t this a good idea anymore!?

i think its hilarious that my post had to be deleted as a result of apprehensive sf players. truth hurts