Does Q have an answer for Akuma's Hurricane kick?

People just spam this move on me all day (on Xbox live) and I have no answer for it. WTF do I do???

actually I wanna know too, but with other characters


um ok howbout a way to counter?

I don’t know, I don’t play Q at all. :rofl:

But hey, it’s better than getting hit…

As Q, you have two ways to counter the forward and roundhouse hurricane kicks: super and parry. If Akuma hurricane kicks you when you have super charged (and it should be SAII, in my opinion), it’s a free super. It might take a while to learn the timing, but once you have it, you can get it every time. If you expect the hurricane kick and parry the whole thing or block it and red-parry the last hit, then great, you have a free whatever you want. If you want to take a risk and it looks the Akuma is just doing hurricane kicks over and over, then I guess you can throw out a random super to make him think twice about spamming it.

If the Akuma does a short hurricane kick, that’s great for you. You have all day to do a super, a close standing forward xx whatever, or throw. That probably won’t happen too often against a good Akuma, but be ready for it.

Anyway, other than supering or parrying a forward/roundhouse hurricane kick, you can try to block it until the Akuma does something else. It’s pretty rare that someone will just keep doing the same move over and over and over again, so if you don’t know the timing to super/parry a hurricane kick, just wait it out. Of course, if your opponent learns that you don’t know the timing to counter it and that you don’t want to risk a random super, sucks for you, welcome to hurricane town.

online latency: you gotta love it! Don’t you hate it when someone does something like that on xbl and wins and you know that without latency, you would simply parry and beat the shit outta them?

reversal with SA1 or 2

kara throw

Don’t karathrow or regular throw against roundhouse hurricane kicks; you’re pushed too far away and can’t recover from block stun quickly enough to guarantee a throw. The only way it would work is if the Akuma decided to sit there for a second or so after doing the hurricane kick, and that’s probably not going to happen. If he decides to do any sort of attack, your throw will get beaten.

I forgot to mention that you can also do EX slaps, but I’d say that’s even riskier than random supering. Akuma has attacks that will beat the EX slaps, whereas your supers will beat just about everything he has. Your slaps can also knock him out of the air, meaning that you’ll only be able to land part of it and you’ll be a sitting duck while the rest of the 9 minutes of the move’s animation continues. The worst part about it, though, is that unlike supering, which will hit Akuma cleanly before he can retaliate, you can’t actually hit him before he recovers with the slaps. Basically, you’re betting that he’ll do another attack, and if he doesn’t, sucks for you. So, yeah, supering is your best bet.

I know this isn’t a good strategy, but, if you activate Total Destruction, most Akuma players will be too afraid to do hurricane kicks (blocking it gets you a free Daigeki and parrying it gets you a free Danger!).

If You Can Parry And Do The Ex Version Of His Charge P You Can Knock Them Off Balance And Then Try A Kara Throw!!! This Works For Me!!~

I hate that Hurricane Kick (HK) back to back. Ever played Evil Ryu on XBL? But um Ultra David, you say SA2 through it, will SA1 work cause I never use any other super for Q

Honestly, I don’t know. I haven’t used SAI against Akuma in, oh, a year maybe? Maybe more? Something like that. I think SAII is much better against him, so that’s what I use. I even use SAIII against him more than SAI, but obviously only if I’m messing around. So anyway, my guess is that it would work, but that if you did it with reversal timing it would just knock Akuma out of the air, so you’d only land one or two of the super’s hits. That’s just a guess though. Use SAII against Akuma, trust me.

SAI will only hit him once and knock him back. He’ll prob recover while your still doing the super though and you’ll get punished.

Like Unltra David Said use SAII.

There are two things to do:

the first one is the obvious, yet somewhat “difficult” to do, and it’s parry the hurricane kick. With decent players it will get more difficult, but with random akuma scrubs you can tell when are they gonna spam it.

the practical solution is red parry the last hit. it’s pretty easy after a while and it’s guaranteed damage (either mkxxsa1/2 or mkxxexslaps or w/e). you can even start the red parry after the second hit if you want to avoid the chip damage.

oro is so short
it’d whiff if oro crouches

just block until the third hit and duck, no need to red parry

What does Oro have to do with Q dealing with Akuma hurricane kicks?

when i play akumas i usually tend to choose sa2 because akumas tend to be more scared to get in on q when he has meter for sa2 (well at least the ones that i play). get meter then corner his ass. since the super is only 1 frame it’ll be hard for him to stick anything out. u might also try to time a cr. RH as akuma lands.

I usually use SAI against shotos but SAII is a really good choice against Akuma, because even though he is a shoto, SAII just murders him.

Thanks for the input guys. Online latency really screws the game up. I’m not gonna renew my Xbox live account after it runs out this month anyway.

Now I just need to know…how the fuck to get away from a good Yang :xeye: . I swear to god, KoFiend just paralyzes my poor Q…