Does Final Fight Characters Make Street Fighter Better?

I’ve thought that Final Fight was a popular game and I still take that game over Streets of Rage any day. But what I didn’t know is that Capcom would make Final Fight characters playable in Street Fighter Alpha Series Guy, Cody, Rolento, and Sodom pretty much in my book made that game worth the play at least I’d would play these guy’s. Hugo then made an appearance in 3rd Strike so if you wanted to take care of Gill easily you would use Hugo, not only that but Hugo was pretty mobile in 3rd Strike. Also Maki from Cap vs SNK 2. SSF4 comes around and Guy and Cody again made a pretty good impact on the game and there were even rumors that Rolento would be a DLC character at the time. Also Haggar in MVC3. Street Fighter X Tekken is now having Rolento, leaks say Guy and Cody, but Poison is apart of the fight. Which begs 2 questions. How many more Final Fight characters will Capcom insert into Street Fighter and does it make Street Fighter better? Defintely it does.

Final Fight alone is still maybe the top ten beat em up games, that everyone will still remember on top of the fact that most of the enemy’s on that game are memorable outside of the fact that Capcom is ressurecting these characters, thus it adds more color and value to Street Fighter series itself. But the only problem with Capcom adding FF characters is that they are too low tier and will not overshadow or become as powerful characters than Street Fighter Originals. I defintely don’t expect Poison to make any noise whatsoever in STF X Tekken but I think people would play with her including myself of course, but when the time comes for players to get real for tournaments most will drop her and aim for higher tier characters from both sides. But I am predicting the next SSF4 Versions will include even more FF characters specifically more from The Mad Gear gang like Thrasher and Abigail. What do you think?

I don’t really like Final Fight, the games were not really that good and didn’t like the characters either, although i would rather have Rival Schools character in the game Akira and Daigo namely

I would rather the characters be Street Fighter characters, but when I play the game, I’m usually like, “I don’t like these dudes, but eh. They’re in. I don’t care.”

FF and SF are the same universe, in fact, Final Fight was suppose to be the sequel to SF1. This is just Capcom expanding the roster. I’m pretty sure the majority of people who like Cody, Guy, Poison and Rolento don’t give a crap about FF.


Well, the character designs are way better than modern SF ones, so I’m all for reusing final fighters over making new characters or reusing from Alpha.

Gameplay-wise it’s the same.

I play Guy for his walking animation.

There is something fascinating about how the character art is connected to Capcom’s ability to make money. It’s hard for me to describe but it is amazing how much the consumers value the appearance of specific images in the game.

And that’s the thing FF has always been snipping around Street Fighter for many many years to the point where you felt that FF somewhat owned Street Fighter because if you look at the Alpha Series it was very blunt that Alpha was just full of FF images and characters, and its obvious that they have they’re share in Street Fighter but again as I rave on they have adjust the tiers for equal grounds so more of these characters can be played. My case in point most know what Rolento is capable of but it’ll be pathetic if he’s not putting a dent in the tier listings for Street Fighter X Tekken.


As far as RIval Schools characters goes I need some Kyosuke in Street Fighter.

When I first played Guy in the Alpha series I didn’t know about FF. I think characters are interesting because how they play. If more FF characters join the roster and are fun and interesting to play, keep putting them in.

I for one personally enjoy Final Fight characters in my Street Fighter. New characters all together are hit or miss for me in terms of interest, but throw in someone from my childhood memories and I will at the very least give them a shot. To be honest I wish there were more characters from Final Fight as playable characters.

But to answer the question, no not really. Street Fighter is what it is, Final Fight or not.

Can’t believe people hate on Final Fight characters. Guy and Cody are two of the coolest characters in Street Fighter, imo.

Although I agree that they should add in some Rival Schools to Street Fighter. Batsu and Akira, anyone?

You’re amazed that aesthetics appeal to people?

I think he’s amazed at the level of appeal the aesthetics hold or the influence thereof. I THINK that’s what he’s saying, but I obviously don’t speak for him XD

The more characters they put in, the easier can you find a character in your style that you can handle properly.

I used to play Guy in alpha 3 a lot & I still play in in SF4AE sometimes

Guy & Cody were definitely an enrichment to the roster, but not as much as Ibuki & Dudley.

Btw., Cody is the archetype “Street Fighter”, so he has to be in the roster.
Also Final Fight was initially called Street Fighter '89.

I like the FF characters more than the SF ones (even though they’re all SF characters to me). I personally think that Guy and Cody should be staple characters in all of the future SF titles. If it were truly up to me, Guy, Cody, Hugo, Poison, Rolento, Sodom, Maki, and Haggar would be in all of the SF titles! Okay…maybe I’m just a little bit biased.

…it probably has something to do with the my own lack of interest in it.

I interpret a lot of these “I want character X” in the game to be a desire for the character art to exist in the game. In other words it’s not a request like this…“I want Sakura to be in the game because I like the way that Sakura played in Alpha 2. I hope that this game is similar to that one”.

I am not criticizing people for caring about it.