Does Capcom own the word super or something?

It’s just that I see most fighting games try to use different words for what is, essentially, a supermove. Such as Desperation Move (KOF), Overdrives (GG), and Ex moves (MBAC).

Other games just want to name them something else, a lot of people still refer to the moves themselves as supers iconically so doesn’t really matter.

I think those companies are trying to be original.
Plus super is a played out word that might not add that certain identity to a game that the designers are looking for.

Like if its an animal fighting game, they might call supers a growl charge, or beast attack :stuck_out_tongue:


I like desperation move for move you can only do when you almost have no life left. It describes the situation perfectly


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Yes. If you use the word, you have to send them $5. I expect you to be writing a check, or I’m notifying Capcom:USA.

I call 'em quintos

I love how everyone calls “supers” in other games…well…supers!

In a similar vein, you’ll hear pretty much any projectile from any fighting game referred to as a “fireball” at some point. It’s kind of a “generic” term that anyone can recognize, if they’re not familiar with terminology specific to a certain game.

practically any system-related feature can be a “tech” too :#)