Does anyone out there play Soul Calibur

Is there anyone out there who plays Soul Calibur 2?If so can anyone give some tips to make my Nightmare better, because it’s the only character I use that I think could be better.I’ve already mastered Ivy,Taki,Voldo and I know a little bit with everyone,but if you can give me some advice to make my nightmare better I would really appreciate it.If not then post anything you have to say about Soul Calibur.


IT IS t3H roxors, i like the girl with the blades the best, i fergot her name >_<

What characters do you use maybe we can exchange info.I use Ivy,Taki,Voldo,Casandra and Nightmare.What about you?BTW her name is Talim.JK, I know your hella good and someone like you wouldnt’ forget ur favorite character’s name.:rolleyes:


Nighty’s soooo complicated. I mean, damn, you gotta learn 1 move. That’s too much man.

Head over to and you’ll see these same peeps there.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Thats some BS Because there is so much more to Nightmare than His 6,6B rook spliter,3B or whatever move your talking about.You have to do 6A,while rising AA mixups,his knee pressure strings and so much more. Not to mention you have to master all four of his stances.One move only works on newbies and even they can evade it every now and then.


Nightmare is in god tier for reasons already pointed out.

Top tier is: Yoshimitsu, Ivy, and Astaroth.

Cervantes might be on that list, but I don’t really know for sure.

The reason is because: Yes, there is “more to Nightmare than just one move”. However, you don’t really even need to learn how to play him at all in order to win. You just need to “learn” that one move, the rest you can make up for with common sense and a little bit of mashing.

FYI. The only two moves you need to “learn” with Nightmare are “Armet Crusher” (3A), and “Alternate Cross” (while running, 2, 8A).

At least, I think that’s what they’re called…

Just watch some match videos and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

OMG i dun know how to play nightmare he looks cool though i sword big the like.:slight_smile:

talim is my favprote though, she has moves and you jump and do kicks in air and its a relly good combo ring out that alway work for me :cool:


You guys don’t think that Voldo is top tier? I think that Voldo is top tier, or is it just Aris’ Voldo that is? Cervantes, Ivy, and Taki are top tier FOR SURE, but is Yoshi top tier?

Xenozip., I thought the “ONE” move that you needed to learn with Nightmare was just 3**? Isn’t it…?

XCTU’s Talim = GOD like :stuck_out_tongue:

Anything on X killas

Voldo is top tier 4 shizzle but just remember who taught you haha!:lol:JK your pretty good, even though your X is hella annoying, but whatever wins I guess.Can anyone tell me how to kill Xianghua, I hate her so much!!!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

How to kill X: Don’t whiff ANY attacks and you won’t get launched.

Haha, OK, time to be serious.

66B sucks now, really. It’s good at killing some characters in certain situations, but that’s about it. Asta especially will own that move for free. NEVER 66B against a decent Asta. EVER.

Oh darn, 6A is so hard, lol. And you don’t need WS AA. It’s not bad in some situations 'cause it’s fast and combos on counter hit, but you get owned on block and the mixup after the cancel isn’t that great.

lol, no you don’t. NLS has almost zero practical use, NSSL and R have some decent setups, but NBS is the only one you need, and even then it’s only for combos. If not for 2G, Nighty’s stances would probably suck for the most part.

The hell he is. Nighty’s good, but God tier? lol, since when?

Asta top tier? Hah, I wish. He sucks on paper and needs GI, plus he’s pretty damn inconsistent at times. Asta’s all about theoreticals and making the opponent guess. Otherwise, he has nowhere near a solid enough gameplan to be considered top tier. Hell, I’m hard pressed to rank him at all.

And honestly, not many people agree on top tiers. Xianghua is top for sure, 'cause she’s the most consistent character by far. I think Ivy, Nightmare, and probably Yoshi are safe bets as well. Sophitia and Mitsu might be up there, but last time I asked him about it, Mick said he thought Cass was better then Sophie. But later he said the best characters were Sophie and X, so uh, yeah, whatever.

3A sucks ass. It’s high, it’s not safe on block, and you get shit damage no matter how or when it hits.

22_88A is alright, but it’s easy to punish if you go past the first swing.

Seriously, the basis for Nighty’s game is 3B+his other core moves, no question. I don’t know what match vids you’re watching, but 22A, while good, isn’t used very often, and 3A is only used for shits and giggles.

Aris makes Voldo seem top tier, but he’s just such a fucking hard character to play in the long run. Aris is really the only player who wins with Voldo AND makes full use of what he has to offer. Other good Voldo players do well, but they just don’t push him like Aris does. Simply put, Aris IS Voldo.

I’m sorry, but Cervy is overrated as hell. I think he’s still damn good, but as it stands, he’s upper mid at best. Doesn’t help that the two good Cervy players who actually won with him (FetZ and JOP) don’t play anymore.

Here’s the thing: Cervy’s damage is almost all whiff-based and on wakeup. On block, he gets shit. And if they don’t throw out stuff that gets stepped easily, you’re in trouble, 'cause his mixups suck ass outside of wakeup. His throws are horrible, and he lacks a good enough low to get someone to duck. His lows are good, but none of them are fast enough and knockdown or do enough damage to justify the risk of ducking against him. Plus, a lot of moves leave him at either neutral or disadvantage on block. Frame traps aren’t really his thing for the most part.

Taki, eh, she’s damn good, but I’d put her just below the top. She takes a lot of work once people learn to simply wait during EXC spamming, and you gotta condition them a lot. She’s like a faster and less risky version of Yoshi, but with weaker mixups and damage.

As for anti-X…you gotta play her game. Play it safe, and stick to what works. If you feel you can GI her, go for it, but safety is best. It’s also critical that you shut down her 3A, at least if you’re facing someone who’s being overly reliant on her basic high/mid/low mixup. Some characters can punish it on block, but not everybody can (one of the reasons Ivy has a tought time against X; she can’t punish 3A on block worth shit).

You also need to cover step well, and at the same time, don’t be reliant on step. Step isn’t that useful against X 'cause she contains it so well. Even if she didn’t have 3A, her AA is so fast that you’d just give up trying to step 'cause there’s no point.

If you can out-space her, great, but not many characters can. Ivy can, but she has other problems in that fight. Kilik is very strong against X, as he can out-zone her and threaten more damage from mid-range, plus he’s just as safe in general, if not more so. Talim and Taki can also do well against her, as they have comparable levels of safety and are just as fast. Finally, a very well-played Mitsu or Nightmare is strong against her, but you have to be VERY conservative.

Damn!you seem to know what your talking about.Thanks for the advice.How long have you been playing.I’d like to hear more(that is if it hasnt’ been said already)I think my Ivy could use help because that and Taki are the best I got and I wanna be closer to tournament level and I need all the help I can get.So hit me up on my SN it’s in my profile.

Yeah, I remember you Zig from the SC2 forums. I never thought of X as top-tier material. However, she is my main…

66B does suck against anyone who can kill step easily like Asta and Cervy. I was wonderin’ if Asta’s PT would hit Nightmare during his 66B since I don’t play with Astaroth or against him very often?

I need help against Yoshi as well. His mix-ups are just too damn good. So…what would be the easiest way to approach a typical Yoshi?

With Ivy your staple moves should be:
2A: one of Ivy’s best pokes for close range battles when she loses her spacing.

66A: A GREAT step killer (2B is the average follow up to this move)

k2: a very good low to use with Ivy. In upclose battles you’ll change the pace of matches with this move. Plus on CH you get a guaranteed 1A+B, or another k2.

33_99A: another one of Ivy’s STAPLE moves. It avoids most verticals and even some horizontals at times. If it connects you get to follow it up with a 22B, 6B8. If this move connects you’re in for A LOT of damage.

66B: It’s alright, but I don’t really use it that much. It’s good to use when people start ducking your 66A.

FC 1B: this is one of my favorite moves that Ivy haves. It’s great to use when your opponent is ducking or whiffs a horizontal attack because you’re ducking…etc. 8B+K is guaranteed after this if you press G to turn around first.

4A+B: I used to use this move a lot, but I haven’t really been using it for a while. NC on CH and you get great mixup potential after this move. The auto GI window is HUGE as well making this move very good. I only charge this move when people whiff a GI because they’re trying to GI my JF B follow-up.

Most of these moves are staple moves for Ivy in my opinion. I didn’t include 22_88B in there because you’ll whiff it a lot if you throw it out at random times since it’s SOOO linear. 22_88B is an alright move though, but just not as safe as Ivy’s staples.

My Ivy, Good or Bad??? And be honest

All I have to say about Ivy is poke, turtle, rush or whatever. Here are some of the moves that I use, 2(A+K) then WC (3B),WR (A+B)(buffer or whatever),1(A+B)after that or you can do 2(A+B),8(A+B)cancel to 1B then lick or buffer SS,66K,then 2A,oh and how can I forget 22B then Mistress Justice(5Whip) and also 33A,22B then Ivy lick,etc. Thats all I got for now if my moves suck then tell me so I can work on them.

Random’s got the Ivy strat down. I’d put 22B in there as well, as you can sometimes get it post-step when you can’t get 33A. Don’t hold it, though. You get more damage from 22B, 6B9 than any stupid 22**, ST A stuff.

Heh, Asta sucks against step, really, but he is strong against character-specific evasion that isn’t very safe. And yeah, he rapes 66B. 66[A]B will own it. PT will own it. 8WR Bullrush will own it. Hell, he can throw Nighty if he’s close enough too.

So what if he doesn’t look good on paper. It’s all well and good to theory fight, but when he gets results, it’s hard to argue those.

What exactly are you basing these rankings off of?

Past the first swing?

The move I mentioned swings only once. Do you even know what move I’m talking about?

And those results would be…what? Please, show me the legion of Asta players who do well in tournaments.:rolleyes: Sorry guy, but Asta isn’t top tier. He can win and win big, but he’s still a tad random when it comes to performance.

My own playing experience for the most part.

22_88AAB. 2nd hit can be ducked and punished on block every time.

Seriously, you think Nighty’s God tier 'cause of a shit excuse for a reversal and a semi-decent spacing tool? lol, I’d like some of whatever you’re smoking.


My Talim is god-like?


btw, asta isn’t top. Semi is the only Asta player that i can recall thats put a dent in tourneys. And the only big tourneys he’s done well in were Evo 2k3 and regionals.

Like I said, I’d like to know where there is a 2nd hit in the move that I’m referring to. I think we’re talking about two different moves.

Anyway, I could be confusing SC1 with SC2. My memory has been a bit fuzzy lately.

But the move I’m referring to can’t be crouched under and only hits once.