Does anyone have an ASUS vg236he Monitor?

Hey guys i’m new here and fairly new to the console world, i got a few questions. I recently just got a new tv (toshiba 40G300U) and tried to play an fps and i couldn’t aim for my life and i’m assuming there will be insane delay once i get my hands on mvc3 and ssf4, I’ve recently read about the hd lag tv faq and i’ve noticed alot of people referring the asus vh236h the one that evo used.

The asus vg236he, i’m guessing its the same monitor but it has 120hz. Does Anyone have this monitor and if so any problems with it with their ps3?

If not those with an asus vh236h, can you explain the positives and negatives? I may just get that instead. I’ve gotten dizzy going through that faq thread :frowning:

edit : does using hdmi make you lag more?

I got a 26" Dynex, a in-house Best Buy brand HDTV and I get no lag issues, especially in Shooters and Fighters.

If you’re not planning on PC gaming then 120hz on that panel is useless. Consoles won’t utilize it. This isn’t TV 120hz, this is REAL 120hz, as in not interpolated. I’d get something cheaper unless you want the 120hz for smooth PC games/computer usage. Also, HDMI doesn’t cause lag it’s the TV’s post processing that causes lag. That panel should be fine though.

Yea i plan to use the 120hz for my pc, so my ps3 would run 60hz on the monitor? i guess thats fine.

and this thing about 120hz on tv, it’s not real 120hz? it’s only monitors that are real 120hz? @_@

so what i’m getting is monitors > tvs?

Depends, it most cases yeah.

I bought one of the 120hz LCDs when they first came out, quit gaming and I sold it, I really regret it though. I <3 my CRT but when I moved I just couldn’t fit it anywhere and I’m still trying to find an FW900.

I’m on the VW246H and it’s a fantastic monitor but yeah I miss 100-120hz :C

Oh and even if consoles could utilize 120hz, none of them can run their games at the 120FPS needed to see any difference.

god damnit… i bought the tv yesterday too ~_~

alright thanks alot, anyone else feel free to still give answers :d

You could try running your PS3 through VGA. Also if you have a CRT and camera available you can run some lag tests.

:: Online Monitor test - Your free online TV and monitor test tool - By and

eh i don’t have a vga cable

Actually what model Toshiba? I might be able to dig up some info for you with some google fu.

Edit: Nevermind, never noticed you posted the model number.

One second.

Yeah your best bet is the VGA cable or returning the TV (you did say you just bought it?)

You can also try the HDfury which many SRK members use, which is also somewhat pricey but cheaper than a new TV.

Or you can just get a TN panel.

In the mean time, try setting up a gaming profile (if you can even do that) and turn off most of the post processing and disable 120hz and run it at 60hz.

Yup, that’s worth a try.

well i dont have a crt or a camera

also is there a youtube vid or do u have instructions what you want me to do with this vga cable? i’m just browsing youtube and there’s all kinds of videos. Sorry if i sound retarded, i’m just new to all this stuff.

also wouldn’t a dvi cable be better?

Most TVs have VGA ports. You need a PS3 VGA cable (only third parties are available) and plug in your PS3 that way. This will bypass your TV post processing which is the cause of the lag.

Would it be HD since i’m using a vga port? or should i just get the asus monitor and be good to go (hdmi works good with the asus right?)

Yeah it’ll be HD. It just won’t be a digital signal, it’ll be analog.

But yeah monitor is also another logical route.

Also yes it should, you may want to look into either using your headphones (it’s what I do) or a separate pair of speakers though.

alright thanks alot you been really great help, i think i may just go with the monitor!

Last question though, anything i’ll need to buy to hook my ps3 to my monitor :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have an HDMI cable you should be set.

I have this monitor and I dig it. 120Hz is awesome, even for desktop use. It’s hard to go back to 60Hz.

The monitor has no VGA input; DVI-D, HDMI, and component. The DVI-D is dedicated for 120Hz input. In other words your PC is the only thing you’ll want to use via DVI-D. It must use the DVI-D cable that it comes with in order to meet the bandwidth requirements for 120Hz.

There are 2 models: VG236H (with NVIDIA 3D kit) and VG236HE (without 3D kit). If you go 3D, you’ll have to have a compatible NVIDIA video card. Also keep in mind that this monitor has a glossy screen, some people hate glossy–I personally like it.

As far as input lag. One reviewer online is reporting some inconsistent input lag up to 0-12ms. While the majority say there is little to none. In my subjective tests I’ve not noticed anything. I’ve got my 360 connect via HDMI. I’m not the best at landing 1 frame links in SSF4, but I’m no worse than I’m in the arcade–I’m just not that good to tell. I am pretty damn good at COD, and my game has only gotten much better because of the fluidity of 120Hz.

alright thanks!!!

Man this thread is making me want to buy another 120hz LCD. Damn sellers remorse. Too broke right now though.

so i just got the 120hz monitor. Theres like little to no delay at all which is a huge improvement from that toshiba tv i had, funny cuz it just broke yesterday anyways. I’m using it for my pc and ps3, while using it on the pc i’m quite annoyed that theres a green tint and i tried playing around with the rgb settings and you can’t really get rid of it and if you do red or blue colors just replace it. I use my computer for photoshop etc also so i’d like accurate colors.

On the PS3 it’s not noticeable and could care less but anyways i just spent $400 on it and wondering was it really worth it? i’m thinking of maybe returning it and going back to my old monitor and just get a Asus vh236h or Asus VE247H, anyone have any info on the VE247h? or overall any color issues with these monitors? just curious :slight_smile: