Does anybody think being obese is caused by lack of discipline or genetic

I believe its caused by a lack of discipline, and greed.

Maybe a lack of discipline is genetic.

chemical imbalance - scientific fact, bro

There was a CNN newsreport I saw about a week ago confirming, through scientific studies, correlation between how much babies are fed in the first few months after they are born and the chances of them becoming obese in adulthood. You might consider this as an example of obesity factors being partially out of the individual’s control AND not being genetic.

I haven’t read the paper itself though, so you can consider what I just wrote as nothing but hearsay.

I think they just eat too much.

I’m pretty sure most people that are obese are because of a lack of self-control. Though, there are some (few) people who no matter how much they regularly exercise or diet they still maintain and put on weight much easier than others.

With that said, most people are fat because they eat too much shitty food and aren’t physically active. Pretty hard to stay obese if you run 4 miles a day and only eat 1500 calories.

its both…growing up no one really put a limit on what i could eat. so as i grew i became a chubby kid…also didnt help i was on prednzone…a steroid that makes u gain weight. but i can see alot of parents doing this and thinking well its too late not to stop it. you basically created the evil venus flytrap from little shop of horrors who keeps saying “feed me semore…feed me”

but i also do believe its an actual medical condition.

That would support my theory of another condition being caused by infant rectal thermometers…

I think getting grant money for a study like that would be a little harder. :rofl:

Either every fat person doesnt have discipline, or they all have genetic problems. Not some of each.

All they have to do is quit wasting cash looking for a non-existent gene, and there you go: tons of cash available.

I think it has a lot to due with parenting. Parents use food as a reward for good behavior, let kids get away with not eating correctly and a lot of the times the parents themselves don’t know how to eat correctly.

True. But there still would be the practical problem of recruiting people for the study. The experimenters would have to take into account the inclinations of the parents and adjust for their genetics and lifestyle choice.

In the prenatal care unit of your local hospital: “Are you interested in earning $250 per year until your child is 21 years old? Please! Give us a call and ask about the rectal thermometer experiment!”

Its lack of discipline. I dont see how anyone could ever say otherwise.

I GUARANTEE if you take a fat person and lock them in a room and only give them water and a small amount of vegetables to live on, they WILL lose weight, no mater that their genetics are

Eating isn’t the issue. The lack of exercise is the problem.

Sure there are obviously foods that are NOT good for you…especially in big servings. But, if one exercised instead of letting the food sit there wouldn’t be much of an issue.

it’s the opposite. i mean they’re both intertwined and people should do both but if you’re working out and not getting the results you want you always look at your diet first to make improvements. I mean if people had the mindset that they will eat like a slob and try to work it off then they are setting themselves up for fail. you are much smarter to not eat that donut in the first place because calories add up surprisingly fast and will quickly outpace the free time you have available to work it off.

EDIT: shout out all the asians that can eat whatever they want and not gain weight. y’all can eat a dick.

I saw on a documentary that said, for those people trying to lose weight, try eating bigger breakfasts and smaller dinners. Even if the amount of calories consumed is the same, the way your body’s circadian rhythms work, it will use or store the energy differently depending on when you consume them. Although again, I’m not sure how true this is–I only saw it on TV.

looks at thread title and first post

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lol and greed? Wtf?

Well, it makes sense. You obviously won’t be burning those calories off during the evening compared to the morning and afternoon.

I do believe that genetics DO play a part of obesity, but it’s a very poor excuse for being obese. There ARE some people that simply cannot lose weight no matter how well they diet and exercise, but people with those kind of glandular problems are very rare. 50% of people in America do not have that severe of glandular problems, sorry. Diet correctly. Exercise. Unless something is severly wrong with your body, you will not be obese.