Does anybody seriously know how to play Dan?

Ive started using A-groove recently and I was wondering if anybody had any real strats for Dan. Yes i know he’s a "joke"character but i think hes really fun to play. Im really trying to get good with him soo plz if anybody has any good strats with him plz share them with me!!!

THANK YOU!!!:smiley: :smiley:

You misspelled “Ken”.


No im being serious if anybody really has any useful information with Dan plz share some with me plz…

Thank you!!! :smiley: :smiley:

Hey man, all I can tell you is that if you manage to CC into his hurricane kick you can fly into the air and uh… fly into the air.

Also if you do that same CC with Kyosuke you can actually finish with a super.

shrugs OSA OSA

thanks for the info but i that the CC i use, im looking for like which of his moves work best and for which situation and what are good mind games but thanks anyways!!!:smiley:

his short hurricane kick is pretty good to get up close, much like how sagat’s tiger knee is used.

just basically play him like how you would a shoto, but with limited range.

i wish he had his “signature” move like he does in marvel :frowning: imagine a custom combo with a ton of those!!

There was an old thread that was here before that I might have saved onto my computer. I think Final Showdown posted it way back when. Useful stuff. I’ll come back and post it later, after work.

“Oh shoot, where’s the Dan stuff!”

Yeah that would be sweet ass sweet if he did have that signature move that would be a funny ass combo Yeah that short knee thing that he has is really good but sometimes it looks like if it crosses them up but this is probably my imagination but if anybody has any info if you can cross him up with the knee plz share it with me…
oh and mr.sparkle i would be most great full if you can get me that file

Thanks to everbody whos posting!!!
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oh i forgot to add try tk’ing his short hurricane kick, he’ll do a small hop backwards. good recovery, pretty abusable for building some meter. i mix it up with normal (i.e. non-tiger knee’d) short hurricane kicks and dan moves back and forth. good for mind games and to cause your opponent to throw out some whiffed attacks.

To add to that…

if you tk the short hurricane kick off a superjump or a running jump, Dan will FLY across the screen.

you can also try to bait a roll (distance yourself a little first) then when they first get out of the roll hit them with his wanabe hurricane kick…the damage u get out of it is very good i barley figured out u could do this today :smiley: :smiley:

most people i see play dan just run away and build meter with his air qcb hk. then they hit and run all day. when i play dan (not often) i will abuse his invincible move. you know when you do a dp and he lights up. most ppl will mash jab 10/12 times. forgot if it’s 11 or the 13th input that he gets invincible. to shorten this you can just press any direction a few times. because each direction counts for 2 inputs.

example. down = 2 inputs…if it is the 13th input then you press down 6x…then do a uppercut and he should get the invincibility…i think this should work…i never really messed with it or Dan. maybe you gotta press down 3x…then the dragon punch motion will count as the other 3 inputs and p be the 13th…if somebody could try this out it may help.

im a saikyo master i use dan seuroiusly and i know all his priority and combos would you like to learn em?including his a groove combos

Yeah man, i really need to know his priority moves and some strong CCs…
But his DandandandandandandandandandandandandandanTaunt looks so funny!!!

i sometimes play A groove dan…

i know he has a rolling CC, that i cant do:

-activate dp XX roll, lp dp XX roll…repeat…

the two CC i do are:

-activate, lp dp XX [fk hurricane kicks(2 hits] x N…just keep on doing that and watch dan carry the opponent off screen. it does crap damage…but good for laughs.

-activate, lp dpXX fk hurricane kicks x 2/3> corner, lk hurricane kick, land, lp dp x 3, j.lp x N, land, qcf qcf + super.

ok listen up saikyo student! :slight_smile: first of all the fierce dankukyaku sucks in cvs2 if your going to do the dankukyaku in there jump and do the light version of it it has good prority (and often tricks alota people!) if fighting someone dumb mostly do that and it works only agains dump pple :slight_smile: when doing a jump kick his hard kick is pretty much his only good kick in the air besides the jumping medium kick and the meduim kick crosses up in the air!so feel free to do meduim kick in air!!! never ever do dans jumping light kick in the air!!! its good for nothing!!! :cool: ok lesson 2:standing priority!!! ok out of his punches his medum punch is only good for very close! his lightpunch is very good to throw allot of these out when doing a combo! his hard punch if you see some iddiot running the whole match dont get too close but close enough for standing hard punch 2 hit because if your to close dans chop (hard punch) will get sttoped by anything! ok now kick priority! his light standing kick sucks dont worry about doing that,his meduim kick sometimes stops jumpers!,his hard kick is just like the chop cant be to close or stopped by anything!:ok now crouching moves:dans best prority move is his crouching medum kick that stops alota moves very good prority do alot of thos!!! his sweep is decend mostly end a combo with a sweep because thats one of dans main moves lol but dont be a faggot and keep sweeping because only morons do that!!! lesson 3:combos and supers prority::::ok first of all when you have a lvl 1 supergauge …mainly stick to c-groove ok? when you have a lvl 1 start with something simple like do a jumping medum kick into a koryurekka (down forward down forward kick) because thy can be in the corner or since you trew out that meduim kick it crosses up into his super :smiley: when you have a level 2 do a cancel heres what you do start the koryurekka and cancel it into a fierce dankukyaku! and finally a level 3!!! ALWAYS ALLWAYS ALLWAYS!!!DO HIS LEVEL 3 KORYUREKKA OR SHINKUU GADOUKEN THATS HIS 2 STRON GEST LEV 3!!! it takes away a massive load a damage!!!
make sure your close when doing a lv3 koryurekka!!! itll almost kill a ratio 2 ryu!!! now lesson 4:combos!!! simple stuff like stick mostly to roll and trow lol and do like a jumping hard kick into a crouching meduim kick and into a firce gadouken!!! or since crouching meduim kick is good do the “priority move!” like lol jump into a meduim kick cross up into 2 crouching medum kicks lol and i think after that you can do a gadouken!!! :slight_smile: or you can do a jumping medum kick into a hard koryuken!!! NEXT LESSON COMING SOON! LOL I TEACH YOU THE STANDING COMBOS AND CROUCHING COMBOS ALSO NEVER DO THE CROUCHING HARD PUNCH ITS USELESS!!! :slight_smile:

OH and for a groove you can pick the annoying agroove or serous one! the anoying is do a light dankukyaku into meduim into a hard then keep pressing the motion of the dankukyaku and you and your oppenent will fly off screen while yelling out “DAN DAN DAN DAN DAN” LOL and after you fall form the sky press taunt and let out a big “yahoo-oi!” and the suropus 1 is to get em 2 the corner and let out a stream of gadoukens and just before your meter runs out do a SHINKUU GADOUKEN!!! LOL

Jesus Christ on a pogo stick. Can you please break up your long-ass post into readable paragraphs?


dan flashin

have u noiced when u do Kouryuken sometimes he flashs dunno y anyone know?

my GOD i was just plannin on breezin through here, but after the shit that other guy put up for strats, i decided to intervene.

ok i’m not a dan expert (i doubt anyone IS), but i’m sure i can contribute something better.

  • don’t use his hurricane kicks. the only one u should use is his air hurricane with lk. u should use it preferably on the the upward arch of ur jump, the sooner the better. here’s what happens: he jumps and goes straight at ur opponent, and his knee comes out a little before he hits the ground. the lower the hit the better. if the opponent gets hit, he gets knocked down. if he blocks, u have a couple frame advantages. unfortunately, he takes so fuckin long to recover, that sometimes u guys might just even out. but if u learn the timing and stuff u should recover first.

  • this fucker barely has any combos, besides the old sf ones. the only strings he has starts with a jab. most of the times i use cr.lp, cr.lp, this combos, and it can combo into a super fireball, but not the normal one. but i do the normal one anyways because they end up blocking it or gettin hit almost all the time.

  • u should learn to rc his uppercuts and fireballs. OK it this is where i go against what i said about not ever using his hurricane kicks. i guess u COULD use it a couple times, provided u rc them. otherwise, fuck that shit.

  • unless the opponent is totally open or u combo into them, the only super u should use is his fireball super. the uppercut super doesn’t juggle like it did in alpha 2. if u miss his uppercut or the other super, ur gonna eat whatever the opponent can dish out.

  • his best poke is his st.rh should be used SPARINGLY, as a poke. he has a shoto trip cr.rh, but unlike the other shotos, this fagget doesn’t have any useful cancels. even if u cancel into fireball there’s a good chance it won’t hit.

  • oh yeah, and his JUMP LK is actually useful. it has a somewhat sharp downward angle, which means if u press it early on in the jump, there’s a good chance it’ll hit. however, the opponent might recover in time to hit u when u land (even if ur lk connects), so try not to do it too early. there is one exception to doing it early, and that’s if u want to bait. it’s an excellent bait move, especially since most don’t take dan seriously and wanna pummel him after every move. if u do it on his downward arc, u’ll be safe if u land. again, the angle of his kick is sharp so it could either outprioritize a lotta moves or trade (i know it’s not a good trade). also a lot of times the opponent is too slow to react to it, if u hit it earlier than typical jump normals.

  • lastly.the few times that i use him, i use him in A, C, and K. haha and suprisingly his CC does pretty good damage. the ONLY CC i use is his dp.fp cancel one. i’m sure most know the one i’m talkin about, but just in case:

activate, dp.fp xx roll X 6, dp.fp xx lk, fireball super.

ok here’s the tricky thing. when u dp and then roll, he’s gonna roll to the other side of the opponent, which means ur gonna have to keep switching the dp input. the lk after his 7th dp is supposed to whiff, so u have time to input the fireball super. works anywhere on screen, but if ur in the corner, then just cancel his dp’s with lk. ok i’m, not sure i remember the exact damage, but i THINK it’s 8000+. for sure it’s over 7500.

well, that’s it for now…