Does anybody remember Street Fighter II: Rainbow Edition?

I downloaded the rom yesterday and I test in on Kawaks, and man what a crazy game SF2 Rainbow Edition is! You can do all(if you can) special moves in the air, you can even change characters during gameplay by pressing the Start button! For example, Chun-Li can change into Blanka anytime, and Ken can turn into Bison(Vega in Japan) or Sagat anytime. And the strangest thing in the game is that you can throw multiple hadokens in a row, and anybody can throw a hadoken now. So, does anybody remember this game?

Yes people play it over my house all the time…:rofl:

This thread is not high caliber.

It’s not even extreme.

I remember it well,

the first to pull the first hadouken,the match was over.

And how can anyone say ppl waste SRK bandwidth with useless threads:looney:

Rainbow was kinda fun when it was new but it got old now we moved on just like i’l move on from this thread.





oh lol

Yeeeeah! this game was awsome! …much more technical the the original SF!
We are still playing it on a competition level here!

Can you pull out this with ryu:
Jump+Fierce, 2+Middle kick into 236+P, 236+P, 236+P, 236+P, 236+P, 236+P, 236+P

awsome combo!



this is the most hilarious shit ever.

Homing Hadoukens FTW!

me and ghengis and ekin used to have intense rainbow edition matches

greatest matches in history

ryuzero12 needs to go die in a tiger flame

lol I remember seeing this game at a liquor store when I was a kid. I was like, wtf, he just transformed from Blanka to Bison?!?!? I told my brother and he was like, don’t waste your time with that edition.

Why don’t you go and die?:mad::mad::mad:

Snes Jump Hack is crazier… Overhead DP for the win…


Nope. Bison speed of light Air Psycho Crusher and Guile Sonic booms beat Hadokens all day.

Y’all just jealous o’ my heatseeking hadoken o.O

Yeah Accel is way better