DOA Counters are the WORST feature to ever appear in a fighting game

Really Itagaki? You do know the whole point of hitstun is that you are unable to fight back during it right? As in unable to fight back when attacked? What the hell sense does it make for me to hit someone and they fucking counter me during my damn combo? Worse, DOA4 even lets you counter during wallsplat, wtf? This is retarded as hell, it’s even worse than parrying in SF3.

It’s not even remotely realistic. Wtf sense does it make for this to be possible? if you got in a bar fight, and punched some guy in the face, he’s not gonna suddenly grab your damn arm and throw you over the counter. yet in DOA, that kind of shit is possible. I guess they all hit like bitches, seeing as how they can fight back DURING hitstun.

Absolute garbage. This is why Tekken is the superior fighting game to DOA, and why Tekken is going on 7 and Tekken vs SF, while DOA is dead.

Welcome to 2005 bro

Finally! A rant thread that isn’t about SFIV!

Statements like this are why I poke my head into Fighting Game General, from time to time. I would make a serious reply to this, but I know better.

I just imagine this guy sitting down to play some matches, then sitting on his couch for years staring angrily at the tv for years before finally getting up and making this thread.

SF4 is a fine game imo. Way better than DOA. Countering is just absolute garbage.

This thread is garbage.

Damn, you’re slow. Next he’ll make a thread complaining about stuff from World Warrior and KOF 97.

Yeah, because this forum has a rule stating you can’t discuss anything from a game that wasn’t released in 09 right?

fighting games =/= reality.

Maybe you just get pissed off with counters, and uh, tekken characters can counter during hitstun. Feng Wei, Bryan, Law, Asuka, Steve, Marduk, hell…half the cast has a god damn counter attack, the window for it is small, but it’s still a counter, so please. Know your shit before making a rant.

That’s not true.

None of those characters can punch me while I am hitting them and they are stunned. The entire cast of DOA can do this. Hence why DOA is shit. Even Rise of the Robots is better.

No but busting in here like it’s some insane discovery you just made about a game somebody still gives a flying shit about doesn’t really make you look all that intelligent either.

this thread is priceless :coffee:

Obvious troll is indeed obvious.

You get infractions for one word answers but i’m pretty sure “:shake:” covers everything that needs to be said about this statement.

Didn’t realize pointing out a fundamental flaw in a shitty game was trolling. Next you’ll say pointing out that the clash feature in KoF 12 that negated fireballs was a shitty and horrible feature is somehow trolling as well.

Looks at OP’s join date
And all is made clear.:china:

look shytagaki:

basically what they’re trying to say is that we all already knew that since 05, maybe later…and what you’re posting/the thread you made is unsuitable because we either already know or no one gives a shit because DoA isn’t new.

And besides I’m sure there’s a DoA thread that already exist on SRK in FGD, you could have mentioned your glorious reveal there. Oh well, live n learn.

You better hope SK doesn’t find this thread, or it’ll be closed faster than the zippers on guys’ jeans around Lady Bunny.

And we all know SF3 parrying is shit, yet this site has threads asking about that shit all the damn time.

Can’t wait for Bittersweet to comment on this.