DOA Counters are the WORST feature to ever appear in a fighting game

Let him. He can’t defend countering. DOA is a shit game, period. I’d rather play Shaq Fu while drunk than touch DOA for 5 whole minutes.

I think he meant the statement about SF3 anything is shit.

I speak the truth. SF is the pinnacle of all fighting games. However, SF3 was a de-evolution of the series. It wasn’t until SF4 that Capcom brought the series back to its full glory and depth.

I like Hitomi.

Hitomi is the Lili of DOA. That’s a bad thing.

I always had a thing for Ayane myself. I took a liking to Hitomi later on though.

Yo, what does it mean if I rather play DOA4 than SFIV? Have I fallen off the Shoryuken path?

Why would you rather play a garbage game than SF4? SF4 has far more depth than DOA4, period. DOA4 is only good as some softcore porn crap. That, and if you just have to have flashy shit, like knocking guys into cars or something, although I don’t see how things like that add to the core gameplay.

Not for me~

same here, i like the girls with blue/purple hair with red eyes :lovin:

but its got halo in it and halo is my favorite

That one mechanic that doesn’t take much skill to use and has very little risk for great reward is the worst feature to ever appear in a fighting game IMO.

for me, that mechanic is throws

why do you keep coming back