Do you wipe...

Front to back
Back to front

Do you reach behind you so that you make like tea cup forum
do you reach through your twigs and berries (or tata)

Do you use Baby wipes
the regular stuff

That’s none of your business man.


i snap my fingers and four under-privileged women come in with towels and spray bottles to clean me off

Ever wipe
nothing there

then you walking around for a second and go back to wipe and you find a Gears of War mess in there…

Are you just curious or is it because you can’t figure out how to do it yourself?

PS… lil baby powder goes a long way

I dnt bother with it, I just live life until i shower
i need to time to practice my C-C-C-C-C-C combos! :stuck_out_tongue:

if you wipe back to front you are a retard

E. None of the above.

:eek: this thread

lol, there has already been a thread about this two times at least. Rofl, anyone who’s been here for years still have that thread bookmarked or have the funny ass pictures of the two guys on the toilet still? They looked angry while wiping. lulz

Tea cup forum? I hope you’re referencing a website that specializes in ceramic objects used to hold tea for drinking, and not “tea cup” being something that should never be googled.

I remember a thread like this that asked if you sniff the tissue before you flush it :wasted:

why wipe when you can spray. fountain. rich. got it like that.

:wtf:Front to Back. Don’t need any more shit tainting up the taint.

lmfao, dnt member that…
ever show it some1 …
like wave it in a “hello” motion to some1?

Well this thread just came outta me (:D) cuz I’ve having these poops, where you wipe and wipe and wipe and nothing gets resolved
also these times where I wipe and nothings there anymore, and walk around or GO TO THE gym, and get itchy uncomfy butt and then find a mess when i wipe what was already clean…
Does caffeine make you butt an asshole :smiley:
^srsly… does it make it runny or something?

Either way is good, as long as you are thorough (minimum of 2 passes: wipe, fold, wipe, discard, repeat as necessary until the paper is clean when you wipe)…but I read that the berries and twig route is WAY more problematic. Overhand that ass.

this thread again. anybody have the diagram? I’ve switched to using baby wipes in the last year or so. you never realize how much is left behind until you use a baby wipe. there’s no going back once you do.

I can see someone is continuing the yearly tradition of this thread.