Do you use evaporated milk?

This may be weird for those who grew up solely in the US.

When I was a kid in places like Bahamas, , Belize, and St. Thomas, people used it as a creamer in coffee or in certain dishes.
Sometimes, regular milk wasnt available so evaporated milk , being canned, was used as a substitute due to its high shelf life.
To clarify, this does not have the higher sugar content like condensed milk and is less viscous than that.
It has an off-white color compared to standard milk.

I use it as a creamer in coffee at home.
I also add it to scrambled eggs in addition to chili powder/pepper.
I never use it for cereal or as a straight up beverage though.

Evaporated milk is fucking disgusting.

But I can’t drink milk at all. I think I’m allergic to it. Unless it’s chocolate milk- I can drink chocolate milk.

I use evaporated milk to make boba milk tea Hong Kong style, hao sik laaaaa

Edit: inb4 Cambodian breast milk

Only when I make tea.

soy milk

eres un manoso

mexicans use it to make pastries, so yes i’ve had it

Guess in Germany the vast majority of coffee drinkers uses it, ~7.5% fat.
At least like 75% or even more of the people I know use it, usage of normal milk? Not so much.
I rarely see it being used for anything else than coffee creamer, but well.

I for one don’t use it as all, as I enjoy my coffee pure and untainted. :v

Cold milk is one of the most disgusting things to me. It just tastes like hell.

Only for baking recipes. I think we get 1-3 cans a year.

I use it to mix it with Malta.

I am trendy so I use roach milk.

Didn’t know roaches had titties…

Does it give you the ability to survive atomic blasts?

sipping only the finest of teas with a lavish whip of hazelnut cream and hint of mint while observing nature is truly a wondrous experience


use to use it for cereal when milk wasn’t an option

I thought powdered milk was only for people who could only afford bread sandwiches for dinner. Who the fuck would make a conscious decision to choose powdered milk over actual milk?

Sounds like some shit some worthless ass Scandinavian scumbag would do amirite?

You’re not allergic to shit. You’re just a fucking toddler still. :coffee:


This is America.

We have half 'n half here.

Funny that you say this. My Grandma just gave me like 3 bags of it for no reason and I was wondering what in the hell should I do with all of it. Thanks for the idea.

Tres Leches Cake. Done.

I usually mix it with tea because I like the flavor it adds. I also feel like it slightly thickens the consistency.