Do you taunt? When, why and why not?

As a Dan player I am legally required to taunt as much as possible on every match, lest I lose my Saikyo license and be forced to play with Ryu or some other shoto embarassment.<div><br></div><div>Most of the time people react wonderfully to this, by taunting back or sending “lol” messages later.</div><div><br></div><div>Ordinarily I also see taunts as a useful tool, just like in real life they tend to spur you into action… and occasionally right into a trap. Some taunts are useful as dodges or buffs, but my question really refers to taunting for taunting, to get a rise out of the opponent or to spice up a match.</div><div><br></div><div>Do you do it? When? More importantly, when your opponent does it, how do you feel about it?</div><div><br></div><div>Yahoooo</div>

I feel my opponent is probably an idiot because they could have been building meter. Otherwise they’re just being disrespectful and I don’t really give a fuck since it either gives me a chance to win the game or means I likely lost already.<br>

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<div class=“QuoteText”> Ryu or some other shoto embarassment.<div><br></div><div><br></div></div>

dude you can suck on our huge huge shoto balls !!!

<P>Dan players thinking theyre safe when they taunt from fullscreen, I hit them with a standing fierce with Seth. Players who taunt me always end up losing, on the other hand I usually taunt with Sagat when my opponent gets dizzied and close to die, it’s like how can you possibly get dizzied by Sagat?</P>

Dan can taunt safely by back jumping and doing “Yahoo” right before touching the ground. If you backjump you must “Yahoo!”<div><br></div><div>More often than not it makes the opponent come right at you</div>

I usually taunt when I know I’ve no hope of winning. That or when playing my friends.<div><br></div><div>I got a couple of messages in the past from people apologizing saying they hit taunt by accident, which is nice but unnecessary.</div>

<P>I sometimes taunt when there was a funy situation.</P>
<P>taunting after dizzying someone or when the opponent is almost dead is kinda silly imo</P>

Well well, looks like we have yet another quality thread. This thread is definitely gamefaqs worthy – can’t tell the difference between the two anymore really. Certainly puts eventhubs and crapcom unity threads to shame. Keep em coming folks!<br>

When I feel like jumping over fireball and landing faster than a neutral jump, Adon ftw

Naw I just don’t do it. When I’m playing online I’m grinding to get better. No time to practice taunting as bad as I am at this game.

Not really safe actually. The jump taunt has 22F of recovery after landing. Makoto could full screen EX Hayate you for that, Sagat could probably kara - EX tiger knee. Seth and Sim obviously could s.HP tag you, Rufus could c.HP tag you. Dudley could EX Machine Gun Blow, Guy could EX Hozanto. Seth could get Ultra 1 (of course when CAN’T he? lol.)

Anyways I don’t taunt at all because I have it disabled since I need those buttons for fake badstone and don’t want to chance it. I’d do it when I play Makoto… if it worked like it does in 3S :expressionless:

The only time I ever taunt is when I face an opponent who has like 2500-3000PP playing a flowchart style shoto (Usually Ken or Akuma) and they keep going for the same trick because it worked once or twice during the set but then I adapted and punished it 2-3 times in a row after that but they keep going for it. Then I’ll taunt if I get like a stun or something. Or sometimes I’ll countertaunt if they taunt me and then they end up losing the round.

But usually there is no real reason to taunt. Only 2 instances where I don’t find taunting obnoxious or just pointless. 1. Dan (he is allowed he gets free pass on taunts because that is like getting mad at Ryu for using hadoken it’s just his thing.) and Elf mirror matches (I wonder how that got started anyway…)

whenever I get a double headbutt, I do the taunt where honda hits his chest. DOSUKOI!!!

I’ll counter taunt, but that’s bout it.

some imbeciles claim that cody’s fake stone is a taunt just because its involved hk + hp…seriously?

I taunt when I can guaranteed chip my opponent to death with a fireball. For example, with Ryu, when I do dp xx FADC ultra and it doesn’t kill them, but they’re almost dead, I shoot a meaty fireball and taunt, such that my taunt is performed in slow motion during the K.O.

I never taunt. Even if I get taunted I just focus on winning. I’d rather build meter while my opponent is taunting. The ONLY exception is when my friends and I are playing for fun and random’ing one-another out.

I taunt when the other player taunted me, but tbh most of time I find taunts are funny.
Not all taunts are really annoying. Some are though like Blanka’s first taunt or Sagat’s sec 1.

It’s great when you miss the meaty though and the other character has a fireball invincible ultra that goes fullscreen.

sonic boom fadc glasses for chip death

honda taunt 6 i believe. the rain dance