Do you prefer the day shift or night shift when tossing salad?

as the thread title states what shift do you guys prefer to work on when tossing salad? days or nights? or probably both

if you toss salad during the day it would be better vs. night because when you do it at night the ingredients refrigerate so they become moist over night

Fuck keeping vampire hours. Power to those that can, though. I’ve got a lot of respect for people that can work third shift.

Except the creepy weirdos that might as well anyway.

Im going to take the day position .(even though Im a med student and most of my part time /seasonal jobs were day)

Ive had a mixture of day shift, day shfifts going into night, 30 hrs continuous shifts,and night shifts.

The big thing for me is not getting sleep easily in the day time. Its hard to change my sleep cycle.
Also, eating meals at odd times.

My dad worked 3rd shift for a long time, and he put on a lot of weight which in turn probably made him get Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

I’m looking to get out of the night shift…I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since I started.

I’ve done more 2nd shifts than 1st but when I have other stuff to take care of, like classes in the morning, I see no choice but to go with evening. Simply don’t like afternoon classes.

Fuck night shift, fuck back shift too. I start at 7pm and finish at 3am, fuck around go to sleep around 7am normally, up for about 3, do some shit then go back to work.

Worst groundhogs day bullshit ever, dat dayshift is where its at. End of shift… pub. Flawless victory.

Day shift

6-2 is perfect

I am afraid of losing it and getting 12-8 thanks to being new

Which eats an entire day making your whole life work

Fuck that

I work 10pm-7am (i’m actually at work now). There are a lot of problems with night shift. Granted i have an easy job, I’d much prefer to work during the day. Social life is non existent because you are sleep during the day and if you have a family (like me) then you pretty much miss out on hanging with them. Also your sleep pattern gets messed up.

I work 9am-11pm or later fuck u

Day shift. 9-5 with weekends off. The problem with working late/night shifts is that no matter how exhausted I am after work, I am too wired to just go to sleep. I need to wind down and have some chill time before crashing. That means staying up all night and sleeping all day, wasting any daylight I might have. It worked when I was younger, but I have too many things to take care of outside of work as an adult.

Actually, lately I’ve been getting away with four 10s if I want, or working a few hours extra during the week to take off early Friday. That’s the best!

My big issue is traffic, it almost is like another job in itself especially in the past where my commute was almost 2 hours total. Fuck that shit, I’d rather do night shift if that means avoiding the herd in cages. So I’d do a 7-3PM or 7-3AM if not a night shift. I fucking hate traffic.

Day shift gang.

I got some emotional problems so it’s the worst thing when I get off after a long stupid shift, it’s pitch black outside and the only thing people want to do is get sloppy drunk.

Night shift.
Get off at 12-2 am, go to bed by 4-5 am, get up at 10am, do shit till 4-5 pm then go to work. It’s not bad, but it’s not good either.

Overall I’d prob enjoy a day shift more.

Josh that aint a nightshift lol, thats a late as fuck backshift, nightshift is when your shift ends when the birds start singing and the first thing you do when you get home is tie a rope around your neck.

I ride a train to work

So both shifts are convenient.

I can’t use my phone and the internet is basically everything not educational is at work anyways thanks to confidentiallity agreements

Like i am basically at work getting stuff done and it’s fine at 220 get on train head home, eat dinner. Go work out go to sleep

12-8 sure i can go to 24 hour fitness and box 8-9, roll 9-10, but train leaves 1016 then 1116.

Maybe it could work, but i want to be early at work, shut my brain off and train/veg out on tv then sleep and start over

Night shift. Not so bad living if you live in an area that can accommodate it. When I did game testing I did at most 6pm to 6am. At Disney, my shifts have been mostly stable at around 2 or 3pm to 11pm-12am so I guess it’s not fully night shift but I have done ride testing/cycling shifts that can happen around 8pm - 4:30am. Only times I have done earlier morning shifts is if I am training new hires.

I hate mornings. It’s better for me to plan my day before work if needed be. I can get anything from the store after work thanks to the 24 hour Walmart if needed be. I may not like it but it is continent. Also less crowds at night so I can do things at my leisure without dealing with people.

The only difference is the sun isnt up yet. I still go home and tie a rope aorund my neck. It’s just how Daddy likes to have a good time.

Night shift= Less work, MORE money. The night shift “differential”.

Day shift= Work your ass off for less pay.

I was oriented to my job during the day shift for a few months. When i was out of orientation and went to nights, i was surprised at how less the workload was, and how much extra money i got on my check. This should be reason enough but also…

++ Plus no driving to your job at night. If your place of work is of any decent distance away, you’ll be arriving/leaving at night ALL THE TIME. Sux. Especially during the colder times of the year, those chilly mornings can really suck. With night shift, you’re always driving during the day and the sun is always out, so its safer and you won’t freeze your ass off in the mornings.

++ Even though night shift work has quite a few subtle “benefits” that make it worth taking, most don’t realize this and have silly negative misconceptions about it. Because fewer are willing to take a night shift job, that means more opportunities for the rest of us who realize its the better deal. lol.

Night shift all the way. I’m a morning person too but, its easy to revert back on my time off. Then when its time for work, i just force myself to stay up all night (like tonight), and my schedule is reset.

No amount of work will ever turn back time so you don’t go 0-2 in MvC2 though.

I work both (5am-5pm days, and 5pm-5am nights), on a rotating schedule. I prefer nights. Less bosses around, and I get home from work a little faster, and can fuck around a bit, go to bed, and wake up with time to spare before work. Whereas working days, I come home, fuck around a bit, go to bed, and wake up with barely enough time to get to work. I’ll be exhausted half the morning, yet working nights, I’m only a little exhausted around 3-5am, usually.