Do you prefer 1P or 2P?

Seems like a dumb question but what do you prefer?

For some reason I prefer second player side of the screen, it just feels more natural to me.

you all 2009 people remind me of my childhood


side dependency etc. etc. :words:

I notice most people instinctively want the 1P side; I’ve gotten used to the 2P side since it gives you advantages in CvS2 and KOFXI…

Of course there are plenty of games that screw over the 2P side, too, like Alpha 3…

:bottle: :bottle: :bottle: :bottle:

I usually prefer the 3p side. :smile:

i dont even wanna play…

what? on a cab?

Whatcha’ mean, bro?

my friend only plays kazuya on the right side

CvS2: See JChensor’s excellent CvS2 System FAQ

KOF XI: The player on the right side gets a very, very small increase in frame advantage (talkin’ like 1-2 frames, tops…although it can make a difference) on certain normals (I guess it depends on character). Certain characters however, reap bigger rewards than others from this–i.e. character with really good, quick normals i.e. Duck.

Alpha 3:

i prefer both 1p and 2p

like, at the same time

so if theres some dude already there takin up space i push him away and play his character for him

thats how i roll

1p cause my bro always picks 2p.

well when I first started I would always try to get on the left side(1p side) since it was easier for me to do the moves but now I could do them on both sides so it doesn’t matter to me, although I still have trouble doing the most simple moves sometimes on either side.

[media=youtube]5zLHSYSXG6k&fmt=18#t=0m46s[/media] will answer your question.

Anime never lies.

A true player doesn’t care, as long as his controller works right. Newbs and scrubs are usually screwed when they end up on a side they didn’t start on.

From my experience 2p is more reliable side, everyone wants 1p side and it’s broken about half the times.

I used to be concerned. but now I dont care because you get so good at a game. you can execute/manuever the screen easily not matter what side your on.

I have found this to be true. I remember a big screen cabinet in tcal arcade & the first player side stick was janky. If you did not have it in excaclty the right position you could not block low. But a good player should be able to play es the same.

I like demo/attract mode, I just stare at the CPU and the intro for hours :looney: