Do you play your best character on point, anchor or assist?

I put my best character (Tasky) on anchor simply bcuz on my team if anyone is making a comeback its him most of the time.

I do the EXACT same thing. How cool is that?

I put my best character (Hulk) in first just because that’s where I think he should be in pretty much any team. I used to play him second and had Deadpool first and back then Deadpool was easily my best character, now he’s a close second. I think it’s pretty natural to know your point character best since he/she is the only character in your team that’s (almost) guaranteed to get to actually play the game while your second and third character can be snuffed out by a welcoming mixup.

I put Wesker on point, but if he winds up with a decent amount of red life, or if I think the matchup is just not good, I’ll swing him to the third position to rest and be available for a possible XFactor comeback.

Tasky on anchor because my other two characters need his assist

I honestly don’t know if my best is Zero or Frank West right now, but I guess it would be Zero who sits always on point to build meter and get Frank to level 4 or 5 and then i dominate with him and foolishly put Iron Fist on anchor. Plus Zero has low health and it makes me nervous that people can kill me in half a combo on my anchor

I have Hulk on point as without assists a good keep away or run-away game from a more agile character can be a nightmare, Dormamu and he swap alot with DHCs and for red health but I’ll always end of X-23 online or Wesker offline.

Thankfully I am good with all my characters, but usually prefer Haggar (point) / Morrigan (any position =/).

I play all my 3 characters at roughly the same level, I really love my team. I put X 23 last simply because she makes the best use of x-factor, but now I’m seriously considering changing that.

Well, with Laura you’re pretty much guaranteed 2 kills: You x-factor punish the first one and use the lvl3 on the second, and you’re still left with about 8 seconds of xfactor AND you have the mixup. You can potentially kill three characters before they can press any button, very salt inducing.

But now with the changes they made to Zero I think he is pretty viable as anchor. I mean, he is great without xfactor. I could switch X23 to the second spot and use lvl2 xfactor with her, and if she dies I still have a character who can make a comeback. He has meter positive 1.000.000 solo combos from anywhere on the screen and he has practically no bad matchups. Like, with Laura, if I don’t land the mixup or I drop a combo and he can play keepaway, it can be very very frustrating to get in again. And if xfactor runs out, she is not that great as a solo character. But Zero is pretty versatile on top of everything else, he can lame it out if he has to and if he touches you you’re dead.

My best character is Sentinel, and I use him second.

Yes, I play Sentinel. Not drones.

I’m pretty good with all my characters so I dunno. I guess my Dante is my best though and I put him on point most of the time.

My best character is Morrigan, and I play her on point. I’ve always played her on point, and I feel that’s her best spot on a team.

Phoenix is my anchor. lol it’s a given why she’d be last. :stuck_out_tongue:
My point character, she-hulk, is my best, though.

I play my best characters on point always, worst character on anchor.

Although, that goes out the window if i’m trying to build a team around a new character, usually involves me plugging my old main somehwere in there

Out of personal preference, I tend to place Super-Skrull first or second in a team, behind an assist that can cover Elastic Slam attempts. I’m fairly comfortable playing the members of my main team in near any order though, so to say there’s a “worst” placement for him among the trio is a stretch, I feel.

Alpha Team, Iron Fist is good on point.
Beta Team, X-23 can roll towards assist, Dormammu’s the best on that team.
Gamma Team, Haggar. Haggar Haggar Haggar. Point, Assist, Anchor, he can play it all.

I have a best character? Well this is certainly news to me.

Bionic Arm!! on point. Is not my best choice since felicia does better a job, but screw it.
I just love seeing Spencer “hooking” into the ground, right in the middle of the team at the start of the match.

I have Ryu on point, VJ as an assist with the Voomerang to help zone, and Spencer, who is probably my best character, as an anchor because the dude hits like a truck.

Full of trucks.

I tried today putting my best on point with mixed results while also discovering Cap A is quite the anchor, i find it quite a struggle filling the void in the team with taskmaster because from that point I’m vulnerable to good zone characters.