Do you hate Rob Liefeld? Step on in!

from SMB:

I’m sure this has been washed across the internet-verse before but i just found it, and I found it highly entertaining.

Damn, this has got to be the worst/best Liefeld work samples I’ve ever seen. Someone nees to put him under a train.

These drawings make me recoil in terror.

And by that, I mean they make my penis recoil in terror.

honestly theirs nothing wrong with 39

alot of that list can be attributed to just bad writing…i hate liefield as much as the next person…actually probably more than the next person cause i actually get anatomy…but alot of that list is stupid.

Rob Liefeld goes good with bad writing. Helps keep the good books good.



#2 was hilarious

Actually I think Sano has already posted this

I’ll never look at a pouch the same way again.

he co created deadpool. I cannot hate

really? lol explains why deathpool’s costume is soo generic lol.

And has a lot of pouches! :lol:

Are you kidding?

  1. Forearm. What the fuck is going on?

  2. Hold out your hand in front of you. Take a good look at the index and middle finger of your hand. You may notice that your index finger is not only not way longer than the middle finger, but is, in fact, much shorter than it.

  3. Not to mention his typical disregard for small details–namely shadows and backgrounds that make any sense at all.

very good for holding organs in!

also is it must me or do the torsos on the first two women stretch more than Reed’s can

Nah I didn’t post this before.

Yeah Liefeld sucks. He did create Deadpool and Cable though. Gotta give props when and where it’s due. Even though I think both are great characters because of what writers did with them after Liefeld left Marvel, but ah well.

Yea like agent x’s pancreas after deadpool cut it out of him

for creating deadpool yes. Not for cable.

Hate him? No, he’s actually a pretty decent and upbeat guy if you’ve ever spoken to him.
His art is shit-terrible, though, but that doesn’t make him worth hating.

He’s good for a laugh every now and then, though.

Follow his right arm back through the mask; at the angle it’s at, it ends up at the dude’s sternum, not his shoulder.

I always thought that ridiculous Captain America was the funniest.

This one is rediculous. Cable’s face looks like he knows his body is about to explode.

This one is too good. :rofl::rofl::rofl: I’ve never seen a woman who had sideways legs before.

Huh I didn’t know Cap was part rooster, or does he use an air pump to expand like a blowfish?