Do you guys have advice to have confidence in your gameplay?

Hello, i tried to dm a mod, but im really lost in this site, and couldnt dm them… my apologies if this thread count as a spam, or whatever thread.
Well, as the title says, i wanted to know if there’s ppl who can give some advice that can help me gain more confidence playing.
How do u gain confidence?? Just going to more tourneys?? Training more?? Playing offline more??
Im a SFV player, and i really dont know what to do to gain that confidence that will help me have a more solid play style ://
Thanks in advance

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Stop playing SFV…

If you won’t…there is an SFV section.

You only get one free here


ohh yeah, the deep replies, exactly what i needed !

You seriously have no idea how lucky you are Geese responded to this before anyone else.


ah well, thanks for confirming that i just wasted my time in this site

You have no right to be an asshole when you’re the one posting in the wrong section. He directed to you to where you needed to go. Be lucky he even did that.

General Discussion usually isn’t the kindest to people when they’re are simply too lazy to scroll through the front page of the forum to find what section they’re looking for.

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Ayo welcome to SRK.

General Discussion has just had a tradition of clowning people who post fighting game stuff in the one non-fighting game section of the site. If you have questions as a new player, here would be the place to start:

After that then the SF5 subforum would be the next one. The most active thread there is:

Feel free to stop by and say hi.