Do you consider yourself an OG member?

I’m going to be staying with the Broken Tier crew this week during Evo; I wonder if I should mention the Fleshlight review thread to Viscant when I inevitably meet him. :rofl:

all i want is to be 19 years old again. and for it to be 1994 again.

it gets harder and harder to get out of bed each morning.

Bring back OG APEX you bastards.

Reporting for duty. What do I have to do again?

I asked them about APEX last year. Supposedly tournaments would have a lot of mysteriously high turnouts, or you’d have “one entry fee enters you into everything” or other methods used to imbalance the APEX scaling.

I miss the shields. Maybe have them tied to join date instead of post count?

Almost the links here are from the WayBack Machine. This means that they’re from that date and if you want to actually read the full threads/links, you probably want to go forward in the WayBack Machine first so you don’t skip out on the later additions.

I’m not sure if that disqualifies you as OG or not. :lol:

The GoForBroke DirectConnect hub wasn’t originally “mine”. I took it over from DrFunkenstein (join date on that account may 2001) when he disappeared (original “SF Vids @ Go For Broke Hub” thread). And then we started getting a massive influx of people who just wanted to download stuff and not share, or who had a bunch of … illicit stuff I couldn’t have my computers touching (I’m under light but continued legal scrutiny because of my job). So it made progressively more sense for me to have a site. And about April 2007, I finally canned the dying GFB hub in favor of solely hosting on

For further context: I bought the domain name around Feb 2004, and started using it to host videos about Aug 2004. By at least December 2004 I was sharing a huge amount of videos via AIM file transfer, via the hub, and via my normal user account on (The videos probably started appearing up there in 2003 or so. I’m too lazy to check.) Funk disappeared right about then (late 2004), so by January 2005 we moved from “GFB” to “smash” (also as per this). April 2005 is the point at which things started getting out of control as regards everybody wanting footage via AIM, so I stopped doing AIM transfers, the ghetto way I used to handle the footage.

Then NWLink started freaking out in February 2007 since I was doing “nearly” a terabyte of traffic a month just via, so I moved hosts March 2007 to one that could handle terabytes of traffic without charging me a kazillion dollars. I was regularly doing around 40-50 terabytes a month for a long while, but since I haven’t done any substantial filming in a while, it’s down to “only” ~2TB per month for the past year.

Also OG - Siegfried’s Fighter Mania.

And fuck, I forgot about this:

  • My printable MvC2 move lists
    , which was the reason I was lurking SRK in the first place. (Other move lists can be found here here, and yes the typos in those move lists directly correlate to the moves that I still screw up. :lol:)

God bless the WayBack Machine.

If anything you’re looking for isn’t in the Pre-Crash Archive, you might want to try the WayBack Machine.

Aaaaand as regards my ties to Evo…
I work at MS, and MS bought VxTreme back in the day. That’s where the Cannons worked after college. The first day they came to Redmond, the entire product team went out to Zones Arcade to play games all day. We all sat on XvSF and the Capcom games together and played until the buses left. I eventually bought a sweet 25" SFII:CE cabinet with Wico Perfect 360 sticks (best sticks ever made) and brought that into work. We’d play the Vs series or some iteration of SF3 after work and I’d kind mostly hold my own against their far better technical play. During this time I had zero idea that they were running local tournaments at Quarters Arcade - right near where I lived - , or that tournaments were really a thing outside of Tips and Tricks magazines. Then they left MS.
I kept playing at work and the local arcades, and eventually was walking around SouthCenter Mall with my then-gf. They had a random “MvC2 tournament this weekend!” sign up, so I ended up going and meeting the rest of the Seattle FGC then. (If you’re a Seattleite, this was Kuan’s ‘welcome back’ tournament in 2003.) They convinced me to go to Evo, and I was stunned to see the Cannons again. :slight_smile:

edit: Updates while I’m thinking about it.

Yeah man I can’t wait to have 100,000 points cus I keep making up fake tournaments and winning them all!

Started playing SF in 1992, knew about the community before SRK existed, was on agsf2 mainly as a lurker around the time it was beset with posts by SFA3 noobs, wore out a copy of the SFA2 Superbook, bought the B4 tapes and opened them like a kid on Christmas, etc. I’m still not an OG.

Honestly, unless you were a competitor before SRK started (or otherwise involved in the community somehow), how OG are you really?

I love you.

If shields were brought back does that mean only OG members would get galaga ships? Wasn’t a red ship 20-30k posts and a white one 10?

Or the shields can be relative to the amount of likes a person has like sorta like a rep system but not really. Though I do miss rep I don’t think its going be brought back after so many new members joined with SFIV

Jan 1, 2001. So close to being a true OG haha

04 or 05 for me so no =/

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I was 10 years old when most of you joined SRK.

You can’t prove that the 128 man mvc2 tournament in my garage was fake! I went undefeated and won this tourney btw…now give me my points.

i’m sure he will remember it

i forget to clarify, that in this thread, OG means Obviously Gay.

looks like a good percentage of people here are obviously gay.

I’ve read that mega archive enough to kind of know what people are referring to (i believe in lurk first talk later)

were the johnson brothers the ones who were “almost legendary”?

Fleshlight incident is pretty modern in the chronology of Mr Snyder Esquire. If he pops in here, I’d like to see him reflect once more on how his bust leg made him a champ MvSF player :wink: I used to enjoy those long, intelligent posts :coffee: They kinda stood out on here at that point…

Funny how back then the Alpha and Vs guys were the nu-skool punks held in contempt by the born-in-the-70s SFII crew. Now it seems more a case of anything from the 90s >>>>> polygons, ultras and dlc gems :rofl:

I like these threads cuz old f.n heads pop up. Hai guyz!

Not an srk og, I only came here cuz of f.n’s first crash. Though I did lurk agsf2.

PS: It’s crazy how many ppl are in secretchannel these days

Hagure Metaru, a Slime who stopped using this sig a long time ago

My asian wife is OG, not me though…

Lots of people liked the song on this trailer: