Do people still build custom HAPP (or similar) arcade joysticks?

I used to be able to find these online, but now there are only parts.

I’m looking for a way to revisit my MvC2 days and apparently when I type in the part names, I just get buttons and sticks with no case.

I just want a finished stick with case so I can beat people without using a wonky controller.


i have 2 happ sticks i’m trying to get rid of. they’re MDF with that American arcade style plastic rim. the stick and buttons are Happ/iL but the PCBs are for PS2. i’m going to make a thread in the trading outlet soon.

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please post hardware/modding/custom stick questions in tech talk

@Kappa has been bringing back Happ/IL Style sticks, check out his work. I myself have a SFAC that Ive been meaning to complete. PS its best to avoid happ now unless the parts are from like 2006 and try to use IL instead.

@souji5 =)

[WTS SoujiStiks Aracde Sticks and Blank Cases

I would advise folks to go further back to only 2002~2003 or older parts :sad:

Thank you for your responses, it looks like I am going to have to spend a serious amount of money. I was hoping to keep it under $200, but it looks like that won’t be happening, as I am looking for this almost exactly:

Latest one by @souji5 is a beast

Does anyone know where I could just buy a nice polished one with the stick placement I need for less than $200? I am only playing one game for PS3. :smiley: I messaged each person in this thread mentioned. Thanks guys so much.

So you want an arcade stick tailored to your needs for less than $200 (new). It’s not going to happen. The gaming industry can’t do it (for any price) so how can an individual do it ? Find an active stick case builder and spend the dough (Souji has very nice skills)

Tupperware/Shoebox/USPS Box stick time perhaps??? (no seriously it’s a viable option)

Nothing of value is free. Maybe not always a monetary cost, but sometimes one of time or sweat-equity.

Beat the bushes, search eBay, CL, pawnshops, GW, garage sales etc. I mean @RageousX recently found a $6 MvC TE that he was able “Resurrection!” with some elbow grease, so the deals are out there.

I grind for more MAS sticks daily, ask anyone on this forum, I put in the work. Some are crazy deals, others are crazy expensive, and others are fair trades where both parties felt that they both gained & lost something.

Okay enough old man talk, GL with your search, if I see any decent deals, I’ll let you know.

This could be done for less than 200 easily.

Deals are not always easy to find, you got to do alot of searching to find your “deals” .

If you can point me in the right direction, or even to somewhere where maybe I have to spend my own elbow grease, I’d appreciate it.

Home Depot, or whatever hardware store with lumber. Or online presumably but I haven’t looked around for everything there.

Wood is affordable enough, tools vary but you don’t need everything (…but depending what you want to do some things can be much easier with the right tools), and finishing materials are also affordable enough. It’s mostly a matter of labor and how nice you want it to end up. has some thorough examples of how to build enclosures. One nice thing with Happ stuff is that (afaik) they’re generally meant for thicker mounting surfaces, so you can mount directly to wood with some basic holes without having to rout out extra material.

I appreciate that, but I am not a handyman by any means. Thank you for the link, as it provided some insight into how much work goes into putting these things together. Basically I just need some buttons rigged up in a piece of wood, but a lot of the builders have these finishes with lots of paint and decals, and designs, and mostly flair I do not need.

Hopefully I will end up with something eventually. It’s not like they even still have tournaments at all, I just need this for regular PS3 gaming. My luck they will probably rerelease for PS4 by the time I actually get the stick done.

@Mekishiko ( might ) still have some unfinished cases.

Old Etsy Page
[Old Trading Outlet Page](WTS: Blank HAPP and Sanwa style joystick enclosures
PM me if you’re interested, and I can send you his eMail, so you can holler at him.

let me do some inquiring… I might be able to get a case for this… the parts are cheaper and since you only need ps3, there are a bunch of options that keep it low.

Hell I’d offer to build something if I had the post count for it. I have some old Happ parts in a crappy stick I made way back, I have no use for them now and wouldn’t mind trying to make a nicer enclosure for them at some point.


I don’t know why you need a post count? I would buy from anyone would could supply a solid stick that would allow my smooth magneto infinites from anyone. :smiley: