Do most people hate facing Ryu?

Even a good one with good footsies and fundamentals?

Many think he’s boring as a character and there’s tons of them online because he’s the main dude and good for beginners and many stick with him. It’s largely just sheer boredom. I’m not helping either, though Akumas seem rare on PC. PC is infested with Dictator.

playing against a ryu with good footsies/fundamentals is tons of fun for me. it feels like what SF should be like instead of all this vortex crap.

Yes when it comes to online, because there’s a ton of them online and they do dumb brainless stuff. I get hit by it because I expect something good, and it’s something dumb like, walk, grab. Well I feel that way when playing a charge character besides Guile anyway.

The problem is there are just so many Ryu players, that even when a good one comes around, playing the match doesn’t have the same level of excitement. I always enjoy a set with solid_snake though :smiley:

Most online Ryu’s get away with some really crap play because of the simple, easy, effectiveness of the character at the lower-mid level. People hate that. Understandably so, but it is what it is. When you’re on a win streak of 3300-3600pp players in ranked, and lose to a 1400pp Ryu, it sucks and brings out the salt in the best of us, but meh.

I’ve always been a fan of Ryu as a character, which is why I played him in SFII, and still dabble in him now.

I love facing Ryu, especially good ones. That theme music of his gets it even more hyped! But Ryu can be really annoying because a good Ryu can zone you out well and DP all your jump-ins.

Really? I thought Ryu’s SF4 theme was one of the worst. Ryu’s classic theme is my favorite, just not this version of it.

Well SSF4 Ryu’s theme is remixed obviously compared to the old one. But it is still similar and that makes it nostalgic.

fighting a good ryu (A grade or higher) is always fun … a nice oportunity to practice footsies,zooning etc etc …the lower levels (from C to B+) are the retards who make this game boring sometimes
They have : 1) zero footsies 2)zero reflexes 3)their knowladge of fundamentals suck 4)they zooning is hilarious 5) no execution-no style

All they do is : randoom tatsus ,full screen firebals like retards, turtle like bitches (crounch and Dp that jump) ,or jump in forward-throw … I really wish all ryu players that play ryu like this a verry slow and painfull death (or simply quit the game or change character) … You guys suck at this game,are not fun to play with and pls die or change character … You all are representing Ryu in a bad fashion and making a bad name for us others normal-decend-solid-good Ryu’s

You know, there’s this small problem of SF being a rather hard game and Ryu being good for beginners and whatnot. Or would you rather online was filled with retard Goukens spamming air tatsu for some inane reason?

They’re too busy doing counter on every wake up.

Hate facing Ryu with Abel and his fucking, Im unable to antiair it, always trade in his favor, imbalanced

at first didn’t had problem at all playing vs ryus but after faceing the hundrends of them i started to get really irritated
good or bad i just cringe :s

i think ryus should complain about your abel and not the other way around

haha exactly. I love playing ryu mirror matches.

No, one of my favorite matches. With Yun, if they are bad (flowchart/mashers) it’s just so free that it becomes fun mind fucking them. The good ones are fun because I learn better spacing/footsies. It’s the players that are boring not the character.

Don’t hate facing him. Just tired of it. Been facing thousands of Ryus for nearly a decade.

“But he’s the first guy I picked up!”
“But he’s the easiest guy to play as and that’s why I picked him when I started, but now I wanna master him!”
“He’s the face of Street Fighter, of course I would pick him/everyone picks him! He’s the most recognizable!”

I don’t give a shit. I’m tired of Ryu. I’m tired of shotos. They are boring and they don’t offer much variety. Usually if I see a Ryu, I run away for the entire fight. I’m not kidding.

this actually verry funny cause he is one of the most dificult characters to play with on a higher level… i can play (not good but decent) half of the cast but ryu is of of the toughest… he has like hundret 1 frame links and requres insane execution skillz

he is the esiest to play on “retard” level but one of the hardest to play on a high profesional level

not even daigo can make a ryu match exciting.

Ryu is someone who I like to face as I know his moves through in and out.

as soon as someone picks ryu he gets a boot from my lobby. doesn’t matter if he is the best or a scrub². you pick ryu, you bore me to death. nothing really against the character perse, it’s just that I’ve faced 239859294028093424902528940242842847 ryu’s, I don’t want to see him anymore. and the first matches I do against the army that still plays him, is enough. it doesn’t bring me matchup exp, nor fun.