DIZeLAN Street Fighter IV Open Team 3v3 - Azusa, CA - SAT 08/01/09

Who? - You and two Street Fighter playing buddies of yours. Or random strangers. It’s up to you.

What? - You will be playing Street Fighter IV.

When? - Saturday night, August 1st, 2009.
We will start registration at 9:00PM, and aim to get the festivities started by 10:00PM.

857 S Lark Ellen Ave
Azusa, CA 91702

Check the Google Map link here: http://tinyurl.com/m4ey4s

Entry Fee? - $30 per team
Event Rules and Format:**

  • Each team is made up of three players. 3 different characters must be used.

  • Players must stick with their character throughout the entire tournament.

  • Joysticks will be allowed.

  • You may change button configuration however you like, but LP, MP, HP, LK, MK, & HK will be the only button binding allowed.

  • All stations will be Xbox 360. It is the players’ responsibility to bring the appropriate adapters and controllers. Wired is preferred

  • All characters are allowed.

  • Game settings: Best 2 of 3 rounds with 99 seconds for round time. No handicap.

  • Pausing during a round results in that player losing that round.

  • Any type of threats or violence in the venue will not be tolerated.

  • Tournament will be conducted in Double-elimination format. (We will have at least 4 stations, so this won’t take forever)

  • This event will be capped at 32 teams. First-come, first-served.

For any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to drop me a line. Thanks for your time and attention.

is 3p and 3k allowed Joe?

This tourny is going to be sick!

32 team cap, huh? that’s a lot of people…


Starting at 10pm? When do you expect to finish? Especially with 32 teams, lol. DOUBLE ELIM.

kinda close by…wanted to go but I don’t have an xbox stick. :crybaby:

“You want answers? I’ve got answers!!!”

@BeeJay - Yes, both LP+MP+HP and LK+MK+HK can be bound to a button like they are on default. Move them around however you wish.

@ClutchLikeKobe - Looking forward to seeing who on your team actually gets to use Balrog. lol.

@shglbmx - Prize pool will be 70/20/10 if turnout is on the larger side. 80/20/Store Credit if it is on the lower side. According to our simulations/projections, the event should clock in between 2 to 4 hours. Of course, using 4 or 5 stations. We are accustomed to running 16-team Double-Elimination tournaments for 4v4 Halo/Gears of War, and these usually go from 10PM to 7AM.

@AMG Power - If you are close by, please consider dropping by. We could always use an extra pair of eyes for officiating/observing and generally keeping the tournament moving smoothly. While I just added 2 Hori EX2 sticks, I’m not racing to just hand them off to anybody. I need to know how you treat your Mother, girlfriend, & car so I can extrapolate how you’ll treat my hardware. lol. These Horis are not built as [tough as] the X-Arcade sticks that we use for our Dreamcast, PS2, & Xbox.

$30 per team? Holy bujeezus.

What happened to this?

I’ll play if Mr. Dino plays ^^

For sure i will be coming to this

Teams that have signed up so far…

So far, these are the teams that have communicated to me their intent to participate (Updated 07/13/09):

  1. Mellow Japanese BJ
  2. Team Betty
  3. E2K Gaming (Engage 2 Kill)
  4. Team D.A.M
  5. Dream Team
  6. Bloodmaster, Sick_Revolver & friend
  7. Chonez & Co.
  8. Sennin, Kryst, & friend
  10. Team Black Money
  11. Wittle Luigi & friends
  12. Team C-Man
  13. Team Cobras

I’m down. but I have to assemble a team. is how much more time do i have?

I;m probly going to get ragged on for being a pad warrior

dun wry blaq i got your back hehehe

@BlaqSkillZ - You have until Saturday, August 1st, so you’ve got some time to gather some friends and practice. Keep in mind, this is a night time tournament. And one more thing, ours is not an atmosphere of hatred towards the controller-using fight game fan. :cybot:

In that case, Team Xblades is down

Well there was this and another tournament on the same day, but I should be able to attend both because of the time. O_O


I want to join but do not have a xbox360 fight stick. Will you be allowing tournament players to use the hori ex2 sticks you mentioned?

Also, will there be a “free agent” list of some sort? I have 2 and am looking for a 3rd.

Hm, perhaps I may enter, then.

Anybody need a scrubby Rufus player?
i’ll promise to pick to salmon suit!

@pph_han - If they’re not checked out when you and your team are up to bat, then yes, you may check them out for usage. Atm, I know of two locals that are free agents, one Guile player and one Dan player. I have the X360 gt of the Dan player.

@shglbmx - Yes, please do.

To those who have PM’ed me, I have updated my roster list on our MySpace blog to reflect your intent to participate. Feel free to add us if you’d like to remain in-the-know of any events we plan to hold. I didn’t realize that “quick replies” left no record of a message sent out.